iPhone 4

I just got the new iPhone 4 last week. After buying and using it for about a week, here are my reviews on the iPhone 4.  
These are the photos that I took. 
The first thing that I really like the iPhone 4 is of course the design. The retina display has been awesome...

tada!! while i charging the iPhone 4

Well, the retina display is awesome!!

the carbon fibre skin I used

This is how the iPhone 4 looks like from different angles...

when unboxing the iPhone 4

Well, enough of the beauty of the iPhone 4. The skin is smooth...the design is cool...the slim design is terrific but then a good smartphone is not just about the design right? 
Anyway, a lot of my friends have been talking about "jailbreaking" but then I didn't do it...not bold enough for it but I still have a lot of good apps.  I am not going to talk about the apps for now since I'll leave it for some other time. 

For now, I wanna talk about some other things...
I'll probably talk about the good factors that I like about the iPhone 4. 

Well, the design is definitely an awesome one as mentioned earlier...so that's one of the things that I like...although initially I felt that the 3GS design was nicer but after playing with it for a while, I find it to be actually better.

Besides the design, I am also glad that I purchased the iPhone 4 using the Digi plan...thus, I can be connected with the internet all the time. Thus, the push notification is pretty useful...all the updates from Facebook, email and many others are quite good. 

Initially, I was quite fed up with the fact that I need to slowly write down all my contacts into the iPhone 4 but with the usage of Outlook, I managed to sync all my contacts into the phone....although there are some duplicates, I am still quite satisfied with it. I'll try to think of ways to merge all of these duplicates using the Outlook instead. 

Of course, the camera was another good factor. I had no idea how Apple actually do it but the camera is really quite good....5 megapixels and the flash...really quite a good camera phone...

With applications such as Whats app, TextMe, PingChat, Nimbuzz and many others, I am able to connect with my friends all the time. People like Evon, my cousin Benjamin and many others could chat with me for free and it really feel like I'm using the sms and not other apps.  It is also possible to blog on the go using Blogbooster...a free app and it's actually quite good.

Checking email is also very smooth and playing games occassionally was pretty fun as well....I'll blog more about the apps some other time though. 
Alright, enough of all the good factors...now here are some of the things that you should take note of...something not so good about the iPhone 4...
  • Antenna issue still happening...well, it is not that serious but I could still see that the signal on the iPhone 4 drops when I hold the phone in a certain way...drop calls issue has not happened but the drop in signal shows that the issue is really there.
  • Battery draining too fast? Well, first of all, I'm not too sure if this is normal but while I use the iPhone 4 with the wifi and 3G on, the battery is gone pretty fast. Then I decided to try off the connection when I go to bed...and try use the iPhone 4 for about a day and here is the result..about 8 hours of usage and 16 hours plus of standy....of course, I did plug in the iPhone 4 for a while to sync certain stuff but only for a while. I used it a lot for sms, calls, web browsing and also play some games, and also download apps...
The battery ain't as good as boasted but still bearable...

  • The occassional lag....now this is something that I did not expect from an Apple product. Of course, it was not that serious and the lag only happen when I have most of my social networks running and music is on, while playing NinJump...but still, the occasional lag kinda be pretty disappointing. 


  1. i want iPhone too, but i always procrastinate.. dont think i'll ever own one :P

  2. Hey Ken, you should get one la...it's really quite good for blogging as well...especially when u're on the go.
    And the digi plan is quite cheap...use it a lot for texting and other online stuff...
    Anyway, that's my opinion la...haha!!


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