Viber - Free Phone Calls for Iphone, Ipod Touch and Ipad

Viber is a free Iphone application that allows you to make free phone calls to another Iphone owner who has the application installed. This application is currently one of the most popular free VOIP applications that are available in the iTunes Store and Iphone users who have downloaded the application can call whenever there is Internet connection be it Wi-Fi or 3G.

Viber is not only works with Iphone but it is also compatible with other Apple products like Ipod Touch and Ipad which use iOS 4.0 or newer. For Ipod Touch 3rd generation and older, a headset with mic is required to make the phone call using Viber.

After downloading and installed Viber on the Apple device like Iphone or Ipod Touch, one will requires to setup the application by entering a mobile number so that Viber can send an activation code to the mobile number. For Iphone, the activation code will usually be send to the Iphone, while for those who are using Ipod Touch or Ipad, they will get the activation code on their mobile phone. After the activation, Viber is ready to go and one will be able to save a lot of phone call charges by calling family and friends using Viber. Extremely good when call oversea.

One of the thing that I like about Viber is I feel that the sound is better than regular phone call especially when I'm in a Wi-Fi zone where the Internet connection is fast - assuming the receiver's Internet connection is the same. In the latest version, Viber includes call quality indicator, which really do me a great deal of favour in finding the location with the strongest Wi-Fi signal.

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