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Well, if you know me long enough, then you will know that I'm not a gamer but with the iPhone 4 around, there is a tendency to play some games especially when you have free time or while you are waiting for others. Anyway, I wanna write a short review on the game, Tron. It is a free app on Apple Store and it is really very good.


The developer for the game is Disney and there is another version, TRON: LEGACY which costs about $0.99 but I do not know how is it in comparison to the free version because honestly, I think the free version is good enough.
Anyway, when you enter TRON, you will have two options in the game menu, where you can choose to either play TANKS or LIGHT CYCLES.

For the TANKS, it is the modern adaption of Modern Tanks. The game has a top-down view, where you can see your tank as well as the enemies surrounding you.

 You will have two virtual joystick for usage. The one on your left is to control your tank's movement while the controller on your right is to control the turret and firing. Each tank will be given two available weapons, a turret and grenade-type weapon that helps you to shoot over the walls.

if you are not sure how to play, there is a menu in the setting that teach you HOW TO PLAY!! A good guide for beginner.
Strewn around each level are power-ups which can help out your tank. Weapon upgrades can increase the firing speed or range of each weapon. The weapon upgrades may also allow turret shots to bounce off of walls. Temporary power-ups can increase weapon range or the speed of your tank. There are other special use weapon as well such as the laser beams and mines. While playing with this game, the excitement is there and I like it that the sound and music is also very interesting, suitable for the game. It gives the feeling that you are at war or something like that. The movement and control using the two joysticks is awesome and very responsive. It is not a tough game but quite an interesting one that is suitable to play while you need something to do to occupy your time.

Then, we also have the LIGHT CYCLES...


This is probably the better game in comparison to TANKS if you are trying to entertain yourself while relaxing or waiting for time to pass. For beginners, I'll suggest you to look for the GAME CONTROLS option first to learn about the ways to play. You have two choice, one is by flick and the other by tap, just as shown below. I personally feel that flick is the better option. Tap is good in a way but I'm not so used to it so I prefer flick instead. The choice is yours and every individual have different preference.

 Basically, if you have watched Tron: Legacy movie, you will know how the game works.


The graphic is nice, the music and sound suits the game well, helps to create a very competitive environment. So, if you ask me, this is really probably one of the best free games available on Apple Store. There is however some issue with the game at the moment. It could not access to the multiplayer section, where you can play with your friends. I think the issue is with the server of the developer of the game but I couldn't be sure...hopefully after the issue has been resolved, I could review on the game about how it feels to play together with your friends.

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