BadAss Coffee

I've never been to this place but yesterday, Tom, Wei Hoong and I head to BadAss Coffee in Tropicana City Mall. 
Well, the name of the place was rather awesome...
We took some photos there before we even order our drinks. 

We waited for Aaron in the coffee shop, and here is my drink...this is one of the few places that actually offer Kona coffee, a type of coffee beans cultivated all the way from Hawaii...sounds cool right?

Bad Ass Coffee??
Well, it's actually quite pricey but then, the environment is nice...
I took photos with my buddies...and the three of us post the photos as our facebook profile photo for now...

Wei Hoong
and myself!!
Well, we decided to share and buy some's pretty yummy!!

it's about 3 times plus longer than the ATM card...
It was cut into 4 slices and each of us took one while we left the remaining one for Aaron. 

I also took the photos of the doughnut available and they are quite huge in size. Anyway, I'm glad to be out chilling a while...a good time to go relax and have a nice coffee after having to watch my favourite football team, Manchester United lost 3-1 to Liverpool....Aih...really sad when I think bout the defeat. 

Well, I guess that's all for now...if you are looking for a new coffee place besidees Starbucks, AustinChase, CoffeeBean or Old Town, this could just be it...BADASS Coffee...i guess the name stands out in comparison to the rest although I still feel that the coffee in Starbucks are better. 

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