Genting trip with university friends

I am not the kind of person who like to travel for fun. I prefer to sit in a comfortable environment, with close friends, loved ones or family members, listening to musics that I love...linkin park, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Guang Liang and many others.
So, when Soon Aik invited us to go Genting for a guys' outing, I was rather reluctant but since we will all be graduating soon, I decided to go.
The week was tiring with 3 super hard tests but I guess I managed to go through all of them in a positive manner. So, when I arrived at Genting, I felt good because the weather was very good...cooling and relaxing, felt like a free country (a term used by a friend of mine).
We had lunch in 1U before going to Genting...ate porridge with Clement and Choon Foong.
Then upon arriving, we rested in the hotel, head for the casino for a while. (kinda dislike the place because the smoke and lightings make my eyes and head to be very uncomfortable.
We had an awesome dinner inside the casino...25buckS like that..
After that it was resting time for me...I didn't do much but I need the rest in a comfortable place so I guess Soon Aik choosing Genting is a good option.
At night time, we went for Safari...nothing really but the decoration was nice although definitely not a place worth going for club...
I guess it would be great to come here for the weather once a while...perhaps the next time I go, I would do stuff that I prefer...
Had a caramel latte in Starbucks before going back...
Anyway couldn't post any photos using my iPhone since I'm blogging this while on the way back from Genting...gonna take a short nap in the bus now...adios!!
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