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There has been a lot of rumours about how the iPad 2 would look like but if you do not know, it has now been official. And to make it even more lively, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs had made a special appearance despite having taken a leave of absence due to ill health....

new design...thinner and lighter, yet faster...

It may seem that Apple has got it right again, with a thinner and lighter design of the second generation iPad. Apparently, it is even faster now...with the iPad using two powerful cores in one A5 chip. You will surely notice the difference when you are using it to browse web, watch movie, make FaceTime video call, gaming, and when you want to switch between apps. The smoothness and speed of the device will blow your mind away.

The camera is here...

Well, the front and rear camera is here. For those of you who like the idea of FaceTime, you have it here with you. Imagine using the the iPad for FaceTime...I'm sure it will be much cooler with the larger screen and faster processor. If you think that the camera is just for FaceTime, you are wrong...it actually enables HD Video Recording. The camera is also good for snapshots whether it be day or night. The advance backside illumination sensor allows you to capture great shot even in low light.

HD Video recording...this is definitely gonna be something that capture your attention!!

Even with the new design, the battery lifespan is still as impressive as the first one...an amazing 10-hour battery life. This is definitely good for mobility.

We also have the new accessory made especially for the iPad, known as the iPad Smart Cover...

Are you buying the idea as proclaimed by Apple?

Well, chances are most people will still buy into Apple's idea. But if you are still not convince that iPad is the tablet for you, you will need to check out the built in apps...apparently, according to Apple, the device that does it all does even more now. Here are some of the list:
  • FaceTime
  • PhotoBooth
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • iBooks
  • Videos, Photos
  • Find my iPad
  • iPod, iTunes, App Store
  • Maps
  • Youtube
  • Game Center
  • Notes, Calendar, Contacts
  • Apps specially for iPad by Apple such as making music with GarageBand, edit HD movies using iMovie, write novels and many more...
With all these features, it seems that the iPad is a must buy new tablet. Has Apple finally got it right? Well, if you are an Apple fan, it will be obvious that this is the tablet for you but if you are open to other OS, it is hard to say that iPad is way ahead in comparison to Xoom and also the upcoming Blackberry Playbook as well as other tablets. But then again, Apple has managed to stir and grab the attention, just as the iPad has.

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