Modern furniture for my future house...

Well, since my brother was planning on his house renovation, it made me wonder the kind of house that I wanna live in when I grow up...

I think it seems a bit weird but I'm not the kind of person who love big house and stuff like that. Rather, I prefer for the design and furnitures to be something that I love. Since I won't be able to buy a house on my own at the moment, I think about the furniture that I would want in my room when we shift to the new house. 
Many of these new designs were inspired from the use of more modern materials such as plywood, plastics and steel. My brother and I would probably opt for either white or black, depending on the products that we would be buying. We intend to get ourselves the Xbox's something that's too cool to be ignored. So, we probably want an Xbox theme, which would be black and green...something like that. 

I want modern furniture that would show some futuristic design and style...anyway, it all depends on the budget as well...

 we wouldn't want our room to be crowded if we are using Kinect..

We would prefer something simple...because Kinect only function well without any interception between the user and the device. It requires quite a big space. 

A coffee table with simple design would be good. I would love to get the Surface for the home but it's way too expensive...10,000USD....shitty stuff man!! 

Now, who wouldn't want this kind of futuristic stuff in their home...I might not be capable at the moment but I'll work towards that goal...

Well, what about this? Is it nice? although I felt that it's a bit too big...haha!!


  1. Philippines propertiesMarch 3, 2011 at 10:13 AM

    Nice post! I am sure that with this modern furniture's you future house will become so nice to live with. Goodluck!


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