Pray for Japan

First of all, it was the earthquake...8.9 magnitud earthquake that struck Japan...
Then, the earthquake triggered a tsunami devastating enough to make things even worse for Japan...
Official sources now estimate that more that 10,000 people have been killed. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. There are now rolling power blackouts affecting 5 million people.

That's tragedy enough....but just when you think it wouldn't get worse, there was a third explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Three of the four reactors are now severely damaged. There is a 20km evacuation zone around the plant, and those living in a further 10 km band have been warned to stay inside. So, instead of focusing on the recovery alone, we are talking about a possible nuclear crisis. French authorities say it now just one notch below Chernobyl.

I really didn't know what else we could fact, there is very little that we could was really at this time that it reminded me so often, we are helpless in so many, let us do our part in prayer and if you don't mind, donate a little for can click on this link and you just need to follow the simple instruction there...WORLD VISION FOR JAPAN

We can never truly understand the pain, sorrow and suffering of those in Japan, those who were affected by this disaster, but let us pray that at least God will give them the strength to go through it.

Lord, we can never understand the suffering of the people in Japan,
But we ask that You strengthen the people who had to go through these tragedies,
Give us the courage to rebuild what has been destroyed,
The pain, sorrow, and suffering,
We ask for Your healing,
Help us recover what was lost,
and finding meaning in this quest,
May we never look back and be discouraged,
But we will move on, learning to care for one another better

Have compassion and mercy on us,
Forgive us for our innocence and arrogance,

Have mercy on Your people, the Japanese who had to endure such pain,
that through this tragedy,
we all learn the meaning of Love, Courage, Strength, Endurance, and Compassion.


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