Ways to fight stress

If you are going through a difficult moment, you can take heart knowing that there are ways to make you feel better. After all, it is important to make sure that you find joy and meaning in life.

1) Finding calm in the midst of a hectic period

First of all, it is important that we find ourselves at a state of calm and rational in the midst of a hectic period. Most people do not realize that when you are rushing for something, most of the time, you miss out on the important details.

Need for relaxation

There are times that I find it difficult to rest when I have the tests and exams coming up, assignments and other workloads. During this period of time, I realize that I lack of focus and at times, the stress and pressure could be unbearable. During this time, it is important to relax oneself. If I were at home, I would do mask and take a 15 to 30 minutes rest. I will try to find a good posture to sit and lie down as well as it helps me to cool and calm down. I also realized that doing some stretching for about 10 minutes and going for shower after that helps me to regain my focus and composure again. Breathing is also important, exhaling and inhaling with focus. Count 1 to yourself as you exhale and 2 in your next exhale.

2) Make use of your bad mood...

If you are in a bad mood due to bad service or the circumstances caused by others, voice out. However, it is important to do so in a constructive manner.
When you scold and voice your dissatisfaction, it is important to be clear, strategic, constructive and also moderate.
Make sure that the person understand why you are dissatisfied and you are complaining with valid reasons. You must strategize your complaints as in you must direct and channel your reasonings and complaints to the right people, people who can make decision and people who are interested in your dissatisfaction. Then, you must also be constructive in your choice of words. For example, instead of saying "You are always being so lazy", you could probably use words like "There are times that you are not putting in enough effort". If you are able to convince the people who are listening to you in a constructive manner, there is a chance that you will win the case easily. Last but not least, moderation is the key. Do not go overboard in expressing your anger but do not put on a "Don't mind" attitude either. I still remembered I scolded a salesgirl in Digi Centre at Jusco when I wanted to buy the Blackberry. I was showing to her that I was in fact dissatisfied with the service and that she needs to improve on her knowledge of her product but I believe I did not go overboard as I did not repetitively scolded on her. I was showing my anger and dissatisfaction but I did not go overboard and I guess moderation is the key here.

3) SMILE!! It helps!!

I know it is probably difficult to smile when you are facing a lot of pressure and stress but it really helps in a lot of ways. I remembered seeing the Smile Campaign in my university library.

A baby smile is all you need...

At first I felt it was quite ridiculous for such a campaign but I think it is important because sometimes, a little smile somehow help to lift your spirit for the day. Staying happy can have a powerful impact for your day....so if you are feeling down, look for something that make you smile!!

4) Squeeze in Exercise in your busy schedule...

The other day, Weoi Loong called me to go for a 2.4km for his Sports Science assignment. Apparently, he wanted to take the heart rate after running. I went for the run and I was feeling much better after that. A better sleep and also a much more refreshing feel for myself. It has been quite some time since I went for running or jogging but it is something that helps to keep you alert, focus and also to fight the stress. Most of the time, exercise helps me to fight anxiety, stress and boost happiness.

Exercise is the best way to love yourself..

I guess I'll probably go back to the drawing board and replan my time-table as I wanted exercise to be part of the weekly schedule. (daily would be better but scientific research has positive results that 20 to 30 minutes of exercise weekly will be good enough for boosting your daily life if you lead an active lifestyle)

5) Feeling blues? Go SOCIAL!!

Well, if you are feeling stress and burn out, probably it is time to go SOCIAL! Most people feel lonely and tired when they are stress...and naturally, the negative thoughts come first but if you have friends with you, it helps you as you have someone to share your thoughts with and having your buddies listening to your stories gonna lift your mood in a significant way.
Most of the time, I would go for drinks with my friends, talk about some light issues, share some simple jokes and it really helps to boost my mood and turn up the mood for the next day work.

Friends in need are friends indeed!!

Of course, with the internet, social also means Facebook and Twitter as well. It helps in a lot of ways and I guess this is where social network comes in with positive impact. So, the next time you are feeling blue, try Facebook or if you prefer to conservative way, give your friend a message or a call and go hangout!! Go SOCIAL!!

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