Went for dinner with kawan-kawan...

Well, I went for makan dinner with my friends in the Gardens, with some of my housemates...

Here are the people who went for the makan session...

Kok Wei

SOCAI!! haha!!

Kwai Kiek

Initially, the plan was to go Fong Lye Tea House for dinner and then head to Machines to buy MacBook Pro since Kok Wei want to buy. Well, here are some of the snapshots I took while waiting for the food to be served..

look carefully at the menu...it is written "very good!" 
Check this out...cool!!

Trust me...initially when you eat it, it's really nice...

the entire set
Well, the food is not bad but you get sick of it pretty fast...and although I would give credit to the design and taste of the food, I felt that the portion is too big...maybe people who run food business should start consider giving more average portion of food to avoid wastage. While the environment is okay and you probably find that this is one of the busiest place in Gardens, the sitting place ain't that comfortable. 

We felt that the seats are a bit too short and low in comparison to the table so when you eat, you probably couldn't rest and sit comfortably on your seats...

Anyway, after that, we went to Machines to ask about the MacBook but to Kok Wei's disappointment, the education discount is only eligible for those who buy it via online. So, he will have to wait for about a week plus even after he order it online as the shipping might take some time.
For the rest of us, we played with the iPads available for display on the store.

playing game with the iPad...

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