[GAMES] Ninjump

Well, this is one of the games that I love to play because it's simple and easy to play while I'm waiting for bus or simply when I needed something to keep me awake. It is important especially since I have been staying up late for football matches lately.
Anyway back to this app...the interface is cute with a rather good background music...i love to play the game while wearing the headset...it gives the sort of Ninja feel.

Well, the game is pretty simple...when you press on the skin, the ninja will jump and you must avoid contact while on the move. When you jump, you will be able to kill the bird, fox and also other ninjas and rocket bombs as well.

If you manage to kill three of this in a row, then you will be able to jump higher and faster for a while. It is not a game that requires a lot of intelligence but definitely a good one when you just wanna chill and relax yourself. I got myself the highest score at 14000 plus though a friend of mine manage to make it 15k.

There are two versions, the free and the deluxe version with some additional challenge. I honestly feel that the free version is fun and good enough although I must admit the occassional lag due to the advertisement but nevertheless, it should not be a major issue.

So, if you are looking for a free game to occupy your time and help you waste your time while waiting, this is the one that I recommend you to. Simple, fun and challenging all at the same time!!

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  1. plz tel me y pc mn kasy ho g download......plz tel me


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