Good Friday

It is Good Friday today and there ain't any plans for any celebration or anything since I am in KL, I just wanna reflect on what I call "second birth". Honestly, I still remember the first time I ever stepped into the was for Easter celebration and Jian Yao invited me. Back then, the only purpose I went was for the food and the chicks. 

But it was during that time that I met LiangHin and also heard about "Jesus". While the image of "Jesus" may have look different during the different phases that I went through, the first time was always the most meaningful.

And I owe it a lot to Jian Yao and who bring me to CGBC for the first time and the other who has become the mentor for so many years. The days of being a mentee has long passed but truly, it was at that time that I start to be who I am today....

The road ahead is still long, and I have yet to reach the half of it...and I have already exhausted but these feelings, these thoughts, these reflections, these memories will teach me how to face the future.

It is indeed Good Friday and while God may be a term so "BIG" and filled with mystery, love has come to me at that time...thank you Jian Yao! and thank you Liang Hin!!

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  1. This is good news to me, Kian Hin... hope you will continue to walk the path with God's guidance... take care and God bless you always!


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