Grow up

I am thinking about my university days as next week will be the last lecture week for me and graduation is really closer than I could imagine. My uni days were probably not as exciting and as interesting as other phase of my life but as I sit down tonight to recall on this journey in University Malaya, I believe this is the phase that I call "Grow Up". 

Is this still relevant?

There isn't anything spectacular to remember but I believe this was the phase I call grow up because this was the moment I left my comfort zone. No more more people to talk to about my problems...most of the travellings throughout this period were on my own....financially, I need to start taking responsibility (and seriously, it was not easy and it is still not easy today)

Nothing seems to be right as I walk on to the next step,
It seems that "Growing Up" gives me another kind of nightmare,
Nothing seems to be the way it used to be,
"Growing Up" means taking responsibility,
I used to have someone watching over me,
But now that I "Grow Up", it's time for me to watch over someone else,
The moment of laughter,
The moment of joy,
The moment of pain, sorrow, and all other emotions...
I'll learn to embrace,
Maybe that is what "Growing Up" means,
and someday, in the process of "Growing Up",
I'll understand God's plan..

I wrote this, with the fear of growing up and with the anticipation that I always have....

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  1. Kian Hin, each day is a new chapter for us.. even for auntie here, old liow still facing new experiences! :)


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