The smartphones frenzy...

I have got the iPhone 4 for about a month plus and so far, it's pretty good. Well, the phone definitely lack customization and is pretty much the same all the time, unlike the Android phones or the previously Windows Mobile.

Anyway, a friend of mine, BabaHo bought the Blackberry before I even had the iPhone for more than a month. And she's loving it from what I heard. 
Then, just not long later, WeiHoong got himself the iPhone 4 as well. Honestly, it was pretty gay to be walking along with someone having the same phone as you but thank God iPhone is quite common so it ain't that bad. 

After that, Tom bought the LG Optimus One for himself. Android phone and we even played with the phone a day before our Monte Carlo examination. 
Then, just a day before the RM28 per month offer for the Dg Smart Plan over, Chin Sian followed suit by purchasing the HTC Desire HD.

Well, I guess we are all going to graduate soon and having the smartphone is definitely better. (ask those who bought them)

The GPS functionality (Wei Hoong and I use the Google Navigator only while Tom bought the reliable Papago) helps us in direction when we are lost. 
Facebook addict (BabaHo, Wei Hoong and myself) could easily post update, comment on photos and play with our smartphone, checking out on the latest updates.
Then, there is the Foursquare frenzy...I still couldn't figure out how Wei Hoong could earn so much points despite him having much lesser badge and mayorship...Imagine checking in to a place and realizing that your buddy is just around the corner...the power of Foursquare!! 
And what about blogging? I love it whenever some thoughts come across my mind and I could easily access to blogspot before the thought went missing...
Then we have the games....we were playing games, competing on the top scores...and of course, I'm proud to say I win WeiHoong...hahaha!!
What else? Free chat...that's where Whats App comes in...I love it everytime I use it to message with people like Addie, Evon and others...

Of course, there are more fun with the smartphones and I am sure Chin Sian will find out about it soon what are you waiting for?


  1. i wish i can explore smartphones functionality as well.. :)

  2. Hey, there are actually a lot of offers these days but if you wanna wait, you could wait a few more months for the launching of the super smartphone instead, the dual core...:)


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