A relaxing Saturday

Well, it was a pretty good Saturday initially to be honest. I spent my day doing things that I want, reading, blogging, exercise and surfing for some information. And then, I went out with YenLeng at night for dinner.

We went to Secret Garden for dinner.

Now the place is quite nice. A comfortable feeling but the pricing is quite "pricy" I felt. And I don't really fancy the food either. Well, it was just a good time to talk and enjoy dinner....(but if you are looking for good food, I don't think this is a good place)

After that, we went to Tesco and I bought the "Angry Bird" soft toy for YenLeng....forgot to take photo of the AngryBird so will post it some other time.

Then, we (including sis and bro) went to Coffee Bean while waiting for the midnight movie....we went for Pirates 4. 

Had the Ultimate for drink...
We spent some time talking, chatting and also playing AngryBird. Not that I'm a fan but I'm keen on breaking record. Anyway, before we went for the movie, we bought the KungfuPanda Tumbo. 

And then of course after the movie, I rushed to send YenLeng back home before going for the Manchester United-Barcelona game. Very disappointed though as the Red Devils lost 3-1 but then, that's another story. 

I guess that's all for the weekend...need to save money...

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