Skype purchased is probably one of the best move by Microsoft

For those of you who wonder why on Earth Microsoft splash $8.5billion to buy Skype, the reason is probably was an encouragement by Bill Gates. 
There have been a lot who suspect that Steve Ballmer ochestrated the purchase of Skype but according to news from BBC, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates actually encouraged the company to purchase Skype.

Gates said: "I think it's a great, great deal for Skype. I think it's a great deal for Microsoft. The idea of video conferencing is going to get so much better than it is today. Skype actually does get a fair bit of revenue. It'll be fascinating to see how the brilliant ideas out of Microsoft research, coming together with Skype, what they can make of that."

Well, video conferencing and most people are going to look at this as a boost for the Windows Phone 7, all the more after the collaboration with Nokia.
One thing that is quite certain is this, that Bill Gates has make almost all the right decisions for Microsoft and it is quite likely that history will repeat itself. Although many might argued that $8.5 billion is a huge amount, one might probably need to think again because if it's what Gates think of, it's probably going to rake in more profit than the $8.5billion.

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