Windows Phone 7 "Mango" update

Well, there has been a lot of negative feedbacks on the updates to the new Windows Phone 7 device. This is probably due to the first time experience for Microsoft to develop and provide update for multiple different devices. I believe we should give some time to the company to adapt to the situation, since Apple first few updates have their own struggles as well. (remind us of the first few updates during the early days of Apple iPhone) 

Anyway, news of the "Mango" update for Windows Phone 7 is positive and from some of the leaked screenshots, it is quite certain that the "Mango" update is coming with support for Facebook chat (we can see the strong integration between Facebook and the Windows Phone 7 from the start and with this, it is quite clear that the WP7 is indeed the phone for social networking), Office 365 (comes along with SkyDrive and SharePoint...this will definitely help to attract business user) as well as a revamped hub for Games.
There are some new features as well, such as Automatic sync options, some nice lock screen that shows the album playing on your device, and also some new features for group messaging. 

Now, it is clear that Microsoft is aiming not only for business users but also targetting young people and young adults who are hooked on Facebook...and they are also aiming at gamers with Xbox Live integration. The question remains on the ability to challenge Apple's iPhone...

Hopefully, we will see more improvement on this's definitely looking cool with the new interface and we are hoping that it comes out good!!

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