Dinner in Cafe Takahashi

Yesterday I went to Cafe Takahashi with YenLeng. Well, we ordered one set, an ice-cream and a drink. The set comes with 2 side dishes. Here are some of the snapshots that I took.

This is the first side dish....I don't like this egg!!
I forgot to take photo of the second side dish and we already finished it.
I prefer the second side dish... 

The main dish...cutlet fish plus egg...haha!! like this!!

Haegan daaz ice-cream...chocolate cream chip...something like that...forgot the actual name...haha!! it looks ugly though!!
It was quite pricey also....by using the membership card, we have a 15% discount.

After the discount, plus with the service charge and tax, we makan for about RM43.++. Well, I wouldn't say the food is way too nice but it is acceptable. Probably I'm not a fan of Japanese food but I'm sure there are those who would love to go here...

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