Focusing on a healthier lifestyle...

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but most of us fail to do so. Probably it was because of our young age that we thought we could go mamak every night, and we thought it will be okay to sleep later for a few hours each night but the truth is that, all of that might just add up to serious illness when you grow older.
I've been one of those that are guilty of this.

Last two weeks, I made an effort to eat Salad after my meal on Friday and also to make an Apple Juice for myself every Saturday. 
I think it requires a lot of discipline to maintain a healthy eating habit. Although I find it difficult to reduce the intake of coffee, I'm trying to do so by drinking more water. I believe it is a long process but it could also be an enjoyable one as well.

  This is a bit luxurious with a lot of different fruits...when I'm working, I'll probably opt for apple, orange and maybe another fruit and that's it but I'm sure it'll still be great.

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  1. Yes, they are indeed healthy..if taken each morning continuously, then can get nice skin too!


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