[GAMES] Angry Birds (RIO)

Alright, I am not a gamer but since YenLeng and some of my friends are playing Angry Bird (RIO), I decided to share my thoughts about one of the most famous game for smartphone. First of all, Angry Birds is like the Halo for XBox for smartphone, all the more for iPhone. Well, I'm not saying that Angry Birds is not popular among Android users but I find it more satisfying playing the Angry Birds on my iPhone 4 than Chin Sian's HTC Desire HD or YenLeng's HTC Aria. (Probably due to the graphic and blame it on the occassional lag in the Android phones due to the advertisement...after all, there is only free version in Malaysia Android market.)

Okay...first of all, I used to ask this question: "What makes Angry Birds so addictive? I mean it is not a super good game...but why is it so popular despite the fact that Angry Birds is not a free game."

When I played Angry Birds the last few days, I find it pretty interesting. Of course, credit must be given to the cute looking birds but I guess it is because of the different ways of going through each stage. One could easily go through every stage by either freeing all the birds or killing all the monkeys...that's where I am so far. But the difficult part is probably to earn 3 stars for each stage and I think it is a good game to occupy your time when you are waiting for someone or when you have some free time on your own.

My record: all 3 stars in all stages...I make sure I only advance when I got 3 stars...

Then, of course, I realize that there are some stories actually when you passed through one episode...I'm done with the episode on the Smugglers' Den and am playing the Jungle Escape now. It's quite interesting actually.

Well, one thing for sure is that...it change my mind about Angry Birds after playing it. I won't say it is an app that one cannot live without but it is definitely a very good game...that's why it is one of the top ones you find. Ask anyone with an iPhone or an Android phone and they will tell you about Angry Birds...so if you are new to iPhone and are looking for games to buy, this is definitely the one you must go for.

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  1. Wow....really 3 stars for every stage....:salute:


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