Grandma's bday

Yesterday my family went to the Delight Restaurant for dinner as it was a celebration for my grandmother's birthday.
It was the usual Chinese restaurants (not my type) and it started at about 7pm.
It was really a good time to just sit together and have dinner. We have two tables since one table is not big enough to fit us.

This is the menu although I don't know how to read at all...haha!!

The first tastes normal la...but I don't eat all of them...
Well, I was playing with the Instagram on my iPhone....didn't really do any effect on most of the dishes as it would be difficult to recognized what type of food after the effects...haha!!

Well, these are not one of my favourite meals but am glad to just be able to eat together with my family and see my grandmother in a healthy state. That night, my aunty from UK skype with my grandmother and some of my other family members. It is good to just say hi again although I won't say I miss any of my relatives that I hardly talk to too much but again, family is still family.
Guess it's just a good reminder for me to learn to appreciate little things from those close to and friends alike...
that's it for now...

And this is the photo I took with YenLeng...


  1. I never been to Delight for dinner.. only for lunch.. the food looks good though...

  2. wher is it act? never been ther.. ahahaha.

    btw.. wher is my PRAWN !!!

  3. Claire,
    ya the food is's just that I am not into Chinese food...
    it's somewhere in Ipoh...ur prawn is ur dream...haha!!


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