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It's time for a better's time to Tab, according to Samsung when they promote the newly designed Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now, let's not get mixed up with the old design of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which has later been renamed as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V. The older version is thicker and heavier but it comes with a 8MP rear camera. Then, the older version also does not have a TouchWiz customization on top of Android, which means it will be a perfectly Google experience. Anyway, the new one comes out and is expected to be on sales in the United States on the 8th of June. (2 days from now and it makes me wonder when will it arrives Malaysia)

Anyway, I won't talk about the Tab 10.1V but so as to make sure that you are not confused by the advertisement, the newly Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a 3MP rear camera only and is capable of shooting HD video as well.

The big question mark is this: why reduce the 8MP to a 3MP..but let us not forget that the newly design Samsung Galaxy Tab is made after considering the design and specification of the iPad2. So, 3MP from Samsung is still good enough to match iPad2. So, what is so good about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Well, it definitely comes with a better design...If you don't believe it, despite of the large screen, the Tab is the lightest and thinnest screen tablet available in the market now. The amazingly thin and light body definitely make a lot of difference when you are on the go. The first thumbs up against the iPad2!!

You can have the black or the white ones...

Well, we all know that Apple boast about the retina display before but here, Samsung is talking about a high definition 10.1" display. With this, you can enjoy much better display and all the movies, photos and apps will be entertaining you with rich graphic display. Another thumbs up against the iPad2!!

With Samsung redesign model, the Tab now has a better home screen. It is customizable and all these make email, image galleries and your favourites to be easily accessible. If you are familiar with live update, it is also available for you despite of the ways you arrange your social network, email and favourites. It will be refreshed to be accessed by you at any time. Now that will blow the iPad2 apps icons...

Multitasking is also another feature that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has an edge over the iPad2...There are MiniApps available where you can access to the common apps that you have been using. Now, we know of the capability of multitasking in Android, which is way better than the Apple here is another one that the Tab has better over the iPad2.

The Tab is also good in speed and web browsing...while this might not probably be better than the iPad2 especially in terms of web browsing, the Tab also has the Flash feature which is very much lacking in both the iPad2, iPad and also the iPhone...

If you have been listening and hearing about the rumours regarding the Tab, you will also know that it is way competitive with all other top tablets available in the market in terms of music, reading, office work and others. After all, it runs on the Android Honeycomb, the latest for tablets. It is amazing that in terms of communication, the Tab is also a thumbs up!!

And let us not forget about accessories...we have heard about the iPad 2 before and the Tab is not lacking in accessories as well. The Keyboard case and Keyboard Dock makes it work just like another netbook and with better graphic, speed and longer battery lifespan...

Well, I am not sure about you but even after the revised version come out with only a 3MP rear camera, I think it is sufficient for usage and the Tab 10.1 has definitely beat iPad2 in all areas, even in terms of pricing, it is on equal ground. I also find it more captivating and attractive since the Tab also comes with the USB port, something that is lacking in iPad2...Maybe it is time for Apple to work on the iPad 3...or if not, I am sure the best tablet of the year 2011 will be going to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Check the latest ad from Samsung mocking iPad 2 here...

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