Just watched the movie "LIMITLESS" and it made me wonder what it would be of us if we could use more than the mere few percentage of our brain power. Anyway, the movie was pretty interesting for me at least...

Well, I'll probably never going to be able to make full use of the brain potential but I'm definitely going to make full use of what I have and could to learn more...and while I might not be limitless, at least I know I have tried to be...


  1. i certainly enjoyed the movie!
    would love to have some of those pills too :P

  2. havent watched that yet, but hope to soon. :-)

    whoa... another coffee lover! Nice!

  3. True all we can do is try :) On another note I borrowed that picture for a blog post of my own I did state I got it from here and put a link to your blog, I hope you don't mind. I just want to avoid any sort of copyright issues haha I am new to all of this


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