A one day trip to KL

It was a rather tiring day as I had to fetch my sister to Kuala Lumpur as she had an interview. Anyway, I kinda enjoy driving and although it was tiring, I sort of enjoy the time that I had there. 
We went to Amcorp Mall as the interview was held next to the mall. We went for McD lunch....actually, I was the only one eating. My sister was not in the mood to eat I guess. Anyway, we walked around and when we went to Popular, I found a book that I found pretty interesting but I'm not buying it yet. Will be finishing the 3 more books that I have with me now first.
Realizing that there was nothing much to see in the mall, I went to Starbucks to read my book while my sister went for her interview. I really do enjoy the silence and also the opportunity to continue reading the book.  
Player One: what is to become of us.

Well, I thought of uploading the photos but I'm too tired at the moment so I'll leave it for another time. 
While on the way back, it was raining heavily and it was the first time I'm driving under rain condition on the highway...I guess it's a good experience. And one more thing, before we went to KL in the morning, my sister and I realized that I have forgotten about servicing the car...luckily the car is still in tip top condition...will be taking it to service centre tomorrow...


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