Yesterday I went to Starbucks and had coffee with my mom and sisters. Since my sis has the American express card, we can buy 1 free 1. So, it's really very cheap and I like the time spent there chit chatting.
Well, anyway, I saw something very funny. There was a glass window in Starbucks and a kid ran towards it and hit it. Pong!! It was very loud and the kid did not cry out loud although I could see tears rolling down. The mother did not really look at the kid and I decided to take a snapshot of the kid while he was trying to calm himself. Poor lil boy!!

see the lil boy sitting there...poor thing!!
Anyway, I like the Cafe Latte and Caramel Latte we ordered...
Well, I guess here's a toast to everyone on Earth who is ever so more than eager is desperate, desperate for even the smallest sign that there exists something finer, better, larger and more miraculous, more significant about our inner self than we could ever supposed. Here's to all of us reaching out our hands to people everwhere, pulling one another from the iceberg that has caught us frozen for so's a toast to the NEW NORMAL!!

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