one month working experience

Here is the thing...if you know me, you will know I am not the person who enjoy university life, unlike most people. It is not education that makes me uncomfortable in university. I am also not the type of people who struggle to blend in the crowd. But I felt that the university time restricted me in certain ways. Anyway, now that I'm no longer studying in UM (finished studies finally for now...) and I'm currently doing a few things. 

I created a blog to sell bodybuilding supplements and I learned a lot about some of the HTML code while editing the template for the blog. So, if you are interested to build body and consider buying supplements, do visit my blog...I call it: BodyBuilder OnlineStore (OS).  

Besides the business that I'm doing with my friend, I am also working in Great Eastern (bonded 3 years with the company). While I don't get to work in the department that I asked for (Actuarial), I do enjoy my work in Great Eastern under Events and Promotions. First of all, I must said that there is a lot for myself to learn about insurance. I realized that there are so much that I have yet to truly understand the insurance sector. The people in the company are fun and also helpful. I'm glad to have known the seniors and the juniors. I went for my first training yesterday and today, the Product Knowledge course. I met a few friends during the training and am glad to know these people. It was also a good exposure to some of the products in the company, to learn about the jargons and the terms. 

It would be foolish to say that it is not tiring working but I guess it is something that I have expected of. I believe it is still a long process of learning and I want to learn to enjoy it while compete in the working world. I guess that's all for now.

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