July 26, 2011

Reward from my first month salary

Well, I know I'm not the type who would save my first month salary. Anyway after allocating money for family and parents, I have two rewards for myself...
One of it is to get myself a good meal on the day I got my salary...tada!!

I had this in a mamak and belanja Tom and Aaron eat something simple...total cost me bout RM50 la...but this meal quite nice!!

Then I saw the Transformers toys in MPH and decided to buy the Bumble Bee for myself today...it cost me bout RM160+ but still I'm happy because I like it...haha!!

Well, I don't think I'll take it out...wanna keep it as collection...

I guess I am about to reach my station...will be having dinner with Ms Ng and some uni friends tonight...lalala!! Will blog more about the dinner later..

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  1. Hello Kian Hin.. I can feel your happiness when you blog this post.. so nice to treat yourself to something good and feeling wonderful about it!


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