While waiting in KL Sentral

It is Friday and this week, I'll be heading back to Ipoh (Home Sweet Home!!) but I only managed to get the 9.30pm ETS train back to Ipoh. Anyway, I realized that a lot of people are taking the ETS train now as I have to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes to get the tickets.

People have to wait to buy ticket now..

Comfortable waiting area
Anyway, despite having to wait, I'm quite happy that i got a cheaper price at RM22 because I still have my UM student card. Need to maximize the usage of the student card before I can't use it. (hahaha!!)

Well, I had my dinner in KFC. 
Ate the Rice Combo...at only RM6.90....not a lot but enough for me.

yummy!! haha!! probably I was hungry so I find it extremely nice at that time..

Since I only managed to get the 9.30 train ticket back to Ipoh, I explored KL Sentral and played with the Blackberry Playbook.
It is not bad but I still think it is not up to standard yet. Here are some of the snapshots that I took with it. 

HDMI out port into a screen that shows the notes I typed...

This is the Playbook!

The way it navigates was pretty smooth but I find one serious issue with the Playbook...lack of apps!! I hate to say this but it is really almost just for work and then at 7 inch, it might be portable but it seem quite heavy as well. Anyway, I'll check out more on the Playbook soon.

And I'm blogging this in Starbucks KL Sentral...

my faithful companion: Caramel Latte
Well, I guess that's all for now...another 15 minutes before my train goes...head off to Ipoh!!

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