Question of Faith is the Beginning of Faith

Have you ever teach a child about anything before? If you have teach a kid at the she of 4 to 7 or 8 years old, these kids will probably ask you questions when they don't understand this to a teenager. The teenagers will probably not ask too many questions. And compare it to an adult....and you'll know...most of the time, the adults already have a prefixed answer to the questions that they wanna ask and if they're asking, it is probably just to show how good they are....
Well, the above statement is simply a generalization of people's characters based on my own bias perspective.
I remembered a friend of my friend who told me strongly about the beliefs that he has....his faith and nothing can ever shaken it. And while I do embrace that part of faith, I believe my mentor once taught me for one to make a giant leap of faith, one must question the the seek for truth, one must ask.
The question of faith is the beginning of faith...and maybe that is what is meant when the Bible told us to have faith like the little children. Have you ever sit down and ask, "What is faith? What is meant by salvation when surrounding us is hopelessness?

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