Added more details on Facebook

I have not had the time and luxury to play much with Facebook lately but decided to update some stuff onto my Profile. 

Updated my favourites and also my employer...haha!!

Anyway, it was the AboutMe that I wanted to share here as well. 

Well, I must admit that working expose you to a lot of smart people, people who have much more knowledge than you are. Depending on how you look at it, you will have different respond to it. I am the youngest in my Department and Division at the moment and it was good because I have the opportunity to learn. 

It was just like being a kid again, to learn from scratch on a lot of things. And it was also through these times that I ponder on 3 important elements in life:


Maybe it is art that truly reflects humanity after all.

Dancing through life...that whatever happens in life, the ups and downs are like the movement in a Dance, and that one must be able to Dance through the different beats, using all skills, timing, practice and feeling.

Photos are the closest thing in life to stop time. Because time doesn't stop in the actual world, Photos hold onto that moment and makes it stop. This is where memories of friendships and relationships come in.

There are different Musics in life, whether we see it or not. The cries of the poor, the laughter of the rich, the sound of war and many others are the Musics in life and they all come in together...and I believe one must ask: "What MUSIC am I contributing?"

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