Back to Ipoh and some reflection

Was feeling rather tired after coming back to Ipoh this week. It was probably due to a busy week.
In the company, there are more reports and data extraction that needs to be done. I'm no longer considered's been 2 months plus. Time really flies and I have already experienced how the company handle the Mooncake Contest in the company.

Mooncake given by Great Eastern

Besides, there is an upcoming event, the Great Leo Award in Genting, which means I'll be going to Genting on the 20th and 21st.

Then, the company Annual dinner is on the 1st October and I am involved for the company opening dance performance and also joined the department in the talent contest. So, there will be practices after work...hopefully, I have the stamina for these. 

Anyway now that I'm back to Ipoh, it feels good to have some time to do reflection on what has been throughout these times. I realize that it is difficult to manage time and I mean really difficult. At times, one feel so tired to even read anything. I fall asleep while trying to study on one of the days. 

I know there are more that needs to be done but time management and priority is definitely a must. I am trying to manage To Do list and also focus on a balance lifestyle.

While waiting for the tea session later while celebrating the Mooncake Festival with my family, I believe it is good to treasure important values of family, friendship and also many other important things that we so often neglected. I need to learn and hopefully, my life could add values to those around me as well.

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