How I spent my Deepavali holiday?

Well, it was a holiday yesterday and I made something for myself for my brunch...

I made half-boiled egg and followed the instruction from one of the website I found using Google. The website mentioned that I need to simmered the egg for about 3 minutes, which I did. Anyway, the result of it was somewhere near a disaster. 

Now if you actually notice, it looks more like an egg soup than half-boiled egg. Damn that website, which makes me think why Google don't create a dislike button, so as to allow people to notice their friends' distrust over certain websites which promote wrong information. Maybe that will be more interesting than having a + button. (maybe a ' - ' button will do)

Just as I was eating, I started to think, "Why half-boiled egg?" I mean we don't really boil the eggs after all. We just simmered the egg onto boiled water. How about simmered egg? Well, went to search using Google on the origin of the word and it probably has to do with the transition of the concept of boiling. 

After that, I tried to get myself to study and I'm in chapter 20 now...need to finish 30 chapters by Saturday. am I gonna do that?!!
time to hit the PANIC button!!

Anyway that night, went out with Soon Aik, Tom, Clement and Amanda for a movie and makan session. First time meeting up with Ah Sou...and well, she's friendly. 

Wish I could post more but I guess that's it for now. 
I remembered a friend of mine who complained I posted too much on reflection and so I decided to post more on happenings here for a change.


  1. make half boiled egg also need google? LOL

  2. hahah.. mayb after google.. u can get a better way of cooking it.. ahaha..

    but i wondering.. that easy thing also got ppl put on internet.. wondering.. LOL


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