iOS 5 has its flaws

If you are new to Apple products, the iPhone 4 or 4S or the iPad 2, then you probably read this. While I enjoyed using the Apple products as much as most of the Apple big fans, I am a rational person that gets frustrated with the flaws that come with the new OS.

Now first of all, the new features of the iOS 5 is good and encouraging but lacking practicality in it can be rather frustrating.

If you have been anticipating for the new Reminder feature on the iPhone and the iPad 2 that allows reminder based on "location", you will be very much disappointed as myself. The location needs to first be saved into your contact location, which I find it to be rather frustrating. Other applications available on the App store could allow one to search for location using Google Map, which is much more convenient.

Then, the iCloud which is a good thing has flaws as much as the cool stuff that comes with it. The Photo Stream feature is cool but imagine having to sync it only via WiFi...I find it to be rather ridiculous. Why can't one just sync it via iTunes then? It wouldn't make much a difference. It probably should consider allowing upload via data plan as well. (another limitation just as when FaceTime roll out...but FaceTime was logical because most people would only video call via WiFi and not while on the go.)

Then, PhotoStream has its' dangers. If you are not careful and used the iPhone 4 to capture "compromised" or "embarrassing" photos, it is probably best that you disable the PhotoStream feature but you will not be allow to delete the photos on your device.

Of course, you can log into on your PC (and I suggest using Chrome because both Firefox and IE9 comes out with error when resetting the photos). Then, login and click on your name at the top right corner. Click advance and you can reset the photos, but you will have to delete all of the photos from the iCloud...not any particular.

After updating iPad 2 into the new iOS 5, I thought Apple will allow the users to delete photos sync from the iTune but it actually still cannot. Of course, you will be able to delete all the photos taken using the iPad 2 but any photos synced into the device using the iTunes cannot be deleted unless one managed it using the PC. (This defeats the whole purpose of Apple saying that one no longer needs the PC. While it works in certain ways such as the setup, it fails in a lot of ways.)

Having say that, I believe Apple is on the right path, just as many of its the end of the day, the device is a beautiful and useful tool that helps one get through the day more effectively. However, you really should get to know your device now that iCloud is there, to avoid any embarrassing moment. I guess that's all for now.

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