I am thinking a lot recently about a lot of things. I read stories about people who make a difference in the lives of others, taking the burden to reach out to the broken hearted.
I look into my own life and I wonder if I actually did anything meaningful. A friend who used to call me bro wouldn't want to have anything to do with me at all...if my friend couldn't even feel what I've done for him and her, just how much more lacking is it towards the poor and the less fortunate...
I chill out too often, and maybe I was way too selfish..
Questions come one after another...I would have taken the alcohol if not for the shops being close so early in Port Dickson...and instead I drink coffee and the alertness makes the reality even more painful.
It is difficult to grasp this because I remember when I was once lost and stupid, someone teaches me to be strong...but the mentor no longer stays on...time continues to move as we stay stagnant in our struggles...
Is time waiting for us? I don't think so...I'm no longer the young 23, I felt I should have done much more now, but the much more is always delay..

I've tried and failed but at least I try to walk the path to see the final destination...

Hopefully it is something that I could say with conviction this time...

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  1. At least you are aware of it now.. so it's time to actually do something about it. Try getting involved with NGOs like Eden Charity, SPCA and the list goes on.


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