looking for suitable songs for exercise...

Music has always been said to play an important part in motivating one person. It has the ability to create certain emotions depending on the beats and rythm of the music. And since tomorrow is time to head back to gym, I believe music will be my inspiration...



Now that I'm back to KL, I am looking for suitable songs for my exercise session in the morning. 

Here are the songs that I have chosen for my daily exercise routine for this week:
  • We are the Champions, by Quenn (suitable for warm up)
  • Pump It, by Black Eyed Peas
  • Never say never, by Justin Bieber
  • Remember the Name, by Fort Minor
  • Lighter, by Eminem & Royce Da 5 9 ft. Bruno Mars
  • Gemuruh Jiwa, by Faizal Tahir
  • Points of Authority, by Linkin Park
  • In the end, by Linkin Park
  • It's my life & Confession, by Glee
  • Taking back my love, by Enrique
  • Poker Face, by Lady Gaga
  • Running out of time, by Simple Plan
  • Friends theme song: I'll be there for you, by Rembrandts
  • Umbrella, by Rihanna ft Jay-Z
  • Waiting for the end, by Linkin Park
  • Marry you, by Bruno Mars
  • Ipoh Mali, by Point Blanc, feat Jacklyn Victor
  • It ends tonight, by All American Rejects
  • We are the world (for Haiti version)
Well, these are the selection for the week....17 songs, 1 hour time...good enough for me.

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