sick and play FIFA 2012

Was feeling quite sick lately. Been coughing a lot and thus, losing my voice already. Anyway, as it was the weekend, I take the opportunity to be back home and rest. 

Sick sick!!

I borrow the FIFA 2012 and PES 2012 from Clement and this was what I got when I played the Amateur level. Haha!! It's been a long time since I play the game and it's feeling good. 

Well, here is the result of one of the game:


Anyway, it definitely is a good weekend of resting for me. I definitely need this break. Next week, I'll resume my workout and jogging session in the morning in the gym. And ya, there is a futsal game on Tuesday with Clement, Tom, Soon Aik and gang....pretty cool huh? haha!! Stay tune...

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