Update to iOS 5.0.1

For those of you who still do not know, the update to iOS 5.0.1 is available. 
Well, apparently, it fixes some bugs that causes the low battery lifespan in iOS 5. I have yet to try on the reliability of the update but will post more updates on it once I test the battery lifespan on my iPhone 4.

 Well, anyway in the update, I try updating it directly onto my devices (iPad 2 and iPhone 4) instead of using the iTune on my PC. 

You will find the software update under settings>general
Well, when I tried it on my iPad 2, the battery is less than 50% and thus, I was told that I cannot update directly onto my device. I will have to have the power cable charging my iPad 2 if I wanted to directly update the iOS 5.0.1 onto it. 

So, battery is an important concern if you want to update it directly onto your device. 
Anyway I tried it on my iPhone 4 and since the battery is about 83%, it works perfectly well. It took about 15 minutes given that this is not a major update.

Well, there is not much about this update. Basically, it fixes bugs that affect the battery life of the iOS 5 devices. It adds multitasking gesture for the original iPad (which doesn't really concern me but for first gen iPad users, you are lucky!). It resolves bug with Documents in the Cloud. It also improve voice recognition for Australian users in voice dictation.

I will test on the battery life once I charge mine to full blast. So, stay tune on the update. (although rumours have said the iOS 5.0.1 is buggy) 

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