Breakfast with family + Yen See & Ben

This morning, I went for breakfast with family & Yen See + Ben in Nam Heong. I totally love the environment brings back the Ipoh feel...the coffee and the food and ya...basically, it's just good not to be in KL! Haha!!

I took these photos while the guy is preparing the tart....haha!! Actually it was my sister (Chiew Lian) who wanted me to take the photo. Looks delicious but didn't buy it as I was pretty full...will go again and maybe this time, I'll get Yen Leng along.

Well, since Yen See and Ben are also around, we went for breakfast together and as usual, the "natural disaster" has a lot to say. We gossip so much...(gonna do that more often...loL!)

Anyway aside from the breakfast, here is the latest update to the Transformers collection: Optimus Prime

Well, it is the BIGGEST Optimus Prime toy but I still prefer Bumblebee....

Anyway, I guess that's all for now...more updates on my Ipoh weekend!!

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