the end of 2011, a new start in 2012

It felt just like yesterday when I last make the new year resolution 2011, but with just a few more hours to go, 2012 will start. It's funny how human beings create calendar to help us contain time. In a way, this is the only way that the scientific brain could do to categorize time...into seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. 

Next year, tomorrow will be a new day. Sometimes i wonder how different one year could be from the other but as I looked back my life, I realized that the changes are big indeed. 

Last year, while celebrating New Year, I have the luxury of not working as I was still a university student back then. Tomorrow is Sunday and I'll get ready to be back to KL for work on Tuesday....that has indeed been a big difference.

Recalling 2011 and the years before brings great memories....I'm happy for the many people that I have met along the way, people that transformed my life in little ways....there is so much that I could said but the simplest way to sum it all is this: Thank you for being in my life. Your presence has make all the difference....Happy New Year!!

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