A nightmare: me without my teeth...

For some reason, I have a rather weird dream, a nightmare I will call it.
While I was sleeping soundly under the influence of the medication, I had this weird dream where my teeth came off for no reason.

It was unimaginable and I looked horrible. I went to the dentist and asked about the solution....then I just woke up!! and my first thought was: did I just lost my teeth? Haha!! Thank God it was just a dream because I definitely don't look good without the teeth...haha!!

If you are a kid and you lost one or two, people call it CUTE...

But if you are this,

I'm sure you have an answer already right?

It looked horrible...anyway not gonna watch the Chelsea game tonight...wanna catch up on my sleep...hopefully, this time no bad or weird dreams...

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  1. haha.. u should photoshop ur face plus ur tooth are gone ! hhahah


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