some new activities...volunteer as free tutor?

Well, I have been looking for some time now and it is about time to get back into tuition but this time around, I'll be giving free tuition in Harvest Centre, located nearby Jalan Sentul. They need more volunteers who are willing to if you are one of them, please let me know.

Anyway, I went there to look at the place and met the person who are in charge of the dorms and the kids, Yani. Someone from Indonesia and she has been here for about 13 years...that was something that only few could do...imagine giving your life to take care of children that are not related to you in blood. I also met two of the children there, Punitha and Dorcas. Both of them are in Form 3. One of them is into Science and another is into cooking...and both of them are athletes...long distance and short distance runner. 

Somehow, looking at these just remind me of the energy and imagination that some of us used to have. "Those were the days"...but I think I wanna carry with me this energy as I move on in this journey and hopefully, while I teach them, they will share that with me. 

So, if you are interested to volunteer as free tutor, drop me a message, comment or fb me. 

After going to Harvest Centre, I went to Starbucks with May Kee. She belanja me drink and bought this for me.

Well, one thing that I must said is that while I only have a few juniors who are close to me, I think I've got the best...:-)

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