Will you buy the new iPhone 4S?

Things become pretty interesting when a company like Apple launch a new product...

Quite a number of people in the office ask me about the difference between Galaxy S2, iPhone 4 and 4S...well, it's time for bonus for most of them and so naturally the question that pop up: is it time to buy smartphone?? Some are more specific...should I buy the new iPhone 4S??

Well, having play with my own iPhone 4, Yen Leng's iPhone 4S...and been to a few Samsung's stores to play with the Galaxy family, I personally think that the device that worth the money is still S2 and for those of you who are looking for a simplified user experience, you may wanna pay a little more for the 4S...

But while 4S has the additional Siri, iPhone 4 is probably good enough for those who want a cheaper one...

The only difference is the additional Siri in 4S and speed...but if you are no serious gamer, you might not even see the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S...

Well, that's my verdict...the question is: will you buy the iPhone 4S??

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  2. long time didn't drop by my bro's blog lol..plannning buying HTC , iphone or S2 LOLx

  3. Well tell me when u got ur new phone.::

  4. It will be great to own one if it will satisfy not just your personal wants but also your needs.


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