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How many of you have been following the release of the iPhone 4S? Well, I'm one of them and seriously, the Apple latest iPhone is pretty much a let down...partly due to the hype played by the rumours.

However, my main concern is: Windows Phone. If those of you who still think that Windows are using the old interface on the Windows Mobile, think again. And why did my post start with Windows is the future...look at Windows 8!!

Honestly, the upcoming OS for Microsoft will have one of the biggest changes in terms of interface and even functionality. Microsoft aims to make it user friendly for everyone...question is will it work? Well, Windows 8 looks promising but even if Windows 8 fails to make the impact as expected, Microsoft is heading at the right direction.

A one similar interface across all platforms....your PC, your tablet, your smartphone....and that is exactly the idea of Steve Jobs (the man that everyone seem to praise)

Here are why Microsoft simply does it right, at least on paper at the moment:

1) Windows 8 Store - Windows 8 Store is the first thing that Microsoft probably has done right. Microsoft's revenue sharing for the apps on the upcoming Windows 8 store will be 30%, similar to iTune app store, Mac App store etc....but once the $25,000 mark is cross, Microsoft will only take 20% of the share. And guess what, the fees is much cheaper with $49 charged a year for individual and $99 for company. As for Apple, the charges is $99 a year for individual and $299 for companies wishing to do so. This will definitely be an attraction to developers.

2) Tablet will finally work for Microsoft - One thing that we must credit to Microsoft is the ability not to rush into tablets even after the launch of Windows Phone 7. It must be a painful process for the tech-giant company to play underdog but this has given ways for the tablets to work together with Windows 8, and rumours suggest that the Windows 8 tablets will make it big.

3) Windows Phone on the right track - What else can we say but Windows has been heading to the right direction with Windows Phone...the collaboration with Nokia was also a good effort. If anything were to say about Windows Phone, it is a work heading to the right direction...

I believe Apple's mistake with the launch of iPhone 4S that has receive so much criticism (regardless of how brilliant they claim Siri to be, I still find it stupid) also open up the way for Microsoft to penetrate into the market. The scenarios and circumstances at this point suggests Microsoft only has to do it right to regain the customers in the mobile industry...

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