January 31, 2011

Got a call from Great Eastern today...

While I was relaxing on my bed reading manga, I received a call from a familiar number. It was then that I realized it was Mellissa from Great Eastern. Well, she called to ask when will I be graduating. 
I told her my exam would end in the mid of May and she further asked when I would be able to come in to Great Eastern. I told her that it would be depending on when they would call me and I will be available in June. So, is June the month that I'll be starting to work?? I wonder...but anyway, the call reminded me that working life is starting soon...yay!! 

Lalala...entering new phase soon...:-)

January 30, 2011

How active are you?

I was back to house from church and as usual, I would either take a nap or have some light reading while lying on the bed. It was then that I came across the article on "How active are you?" from Reader's Digest. Upon reading it, I realized that I am actually not as active as I thought I was and there is a lot of room for improvement. 
Here are some of the questions that you could as yourself: 

"WHAT ARE YOUR DAILY WALKING HABITS?" or maybe you could rephrase it in a way that "HOW OFTEN DO YOU WALK AROUND?" 
If you are the type of person who only walk to shower, to the car, to the eating place (mamak, restaurant, etc.), and that's it, it is important for you to reconsider your habit. There is a big likelihood that you have been lying around, sitting in front of your laptop facebooking and blogging (oops...I'm guilty as much as you are) or even spending too much time chit chatting only.

The second question that is equally important if not more important is this: 
"WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE RECREATIONAL PASTIMES?" Well, if sports is not part of it, then it is time for you to seriously consider about your pastimes activity. 

Then, the next question would be "HAVE YOU EVER LIFT WEIGHTS?" While most people probably think that lift weights is only suitable for guys, that perception might be as deceiving as those who believe that exercise is not needed to slim down if you are on diet. Anyway, that is another issue but lift weights are very good for girls in fact if it is being done in a moderate way as it helps to create a "lean look". Now you probably know why celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and others head to the gym and still maintain that sexy look. 

Okay...you could try something more physical instead of just asking question: 
"TRY TO REACH DOWN TO TOUCH YOUR TOES WITHOUT BENDING YOUR LEG"...If you have a hard time doing that, it is probably time to do some stretching...


Although I did not do too badly in answering all these questions, I realized that I have not been able to prioritize certain things. This is probably something that needs to be addressed....

After reading the Reader's Digest, I do some light exercise in my room...for about 30 minutes and after that I only look at blogging. I tried to maintain my blogging habit but I wanted to be alive and not just another man being too obsessed with the virtual world. Hopefully, this blog post will stir you to start paying attention on the need to go for exercise!! 

Time's up...need to head to Jusco for dinner!! 

Manchester United make another comeback...

Well, it seems that Southampton were going to make a shock winner during halftime when they lead the Red Devils 1 goal to nil but it seems that the introduction of the evergreen, Giggs prove to be another right decision for Sir Alex Ferguson. 

20 minutes into the second half, Michael Owen scored the equalizer and Hernandez again prove his scoring ability by grabbing the winner for Manchester United. Another superb comeback from Manchester United and they are through in the English FA Cup. On the other hand, defending champion, Chelsea needed a last grasp equalizer to force a replay in Stamford Bridge against Everton.

It seems that the trouble has yet to be over for the Blues and this could be a concern for Ancelotti if Chelsea were to even close gap on the current leader of the league, Manchester United. 

Mom and sis make cookies...

Well, I'm glad to be back to Ipoh...have not been feeling well for quite some time...been coughing a lot. Aiks!!
Anyway, my mom and sis were making cookies today while I was busy taking snapshots. 

Well, the cookies are quite good also...haha!! at least they know how to make...I only know how to eat. 

Alright...tomorrow got to go church...so it's probably time to say goodnight!!

January 29, 2011

Solve your duplicate file issues

I normally just blog about mobile issues on this blog but today, I wanna talk about some of the duplicate files in your PC. This normally happen to you especially if you use your mobile devices to sync with your PC and at times, you might find some duplicate files in your PC. This is quite frustrating and it makes your PC quite messy, which is something that you would want to avoid if you are always on the go and your schedule is quite tight that you won't have much time to dwell in playing with all these messy duplicate files. It can be quite a headache to look for these duplicate files and delete them but wait: you have a solution. 
The software Duplicate Cleaner will help to find all the duplicate files with the check sums and those with the same file names. This is a good way for you to detect all these duplicate files and delete them. All of these could be done in a matter of time. 

If you find that you have a lot of duplicate files, maybe it is time to install this software. It is compatible Windows 7. So, Microsoft fans with the trouble organizing your files, try this out and let me know what you think about it.

Bad news for Liverpool

Liverpool might think tat they have overcome their dark periods with 2 consecutive wins but it seems that does not do enough to convince Torres to stay.
Now Torres is asking Liverpool to let him go to Chelsea...well it is definitely nt something the Anfield faithfuls would wanna hear given that the supporters have been supportive to the striker during his struggle for form.
Well will the King Kenny be able to persuade the Liverpool superstar to stay?? We will c in the next few days..
I blog this using the iPod..time to sign off..more updates later... BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

January 28, 2011

Chelsea try to get Torres

The bid for Torres by Chelsea has failed and been turn down....who will Chelsea look to next?? BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Back to Ipoh...

Today, I took the EST train to come back to Ipoh...saw an ex-teacher of mine and Malessa Razak as well as some other Michaelians...guess most people are going back for Chinese New Year break. 

I had my lunch in McD.

Well, the Chinese New Year break is good and I'm sure looking forward to meet up with some of my friends. 
Of course, more importantly, spending quality time with my family, YenLeng and my brothers!! 
Ipoh fun time!!

Chinese New Year dinner with coursemates...

Just got back from a dinner with my coursemates...something like a CNY dinner. Well, though I don't really like the food, I'm quite happy with the company. 
It's my 3rd and final year in university...and I am getting closer to most of my coursemates but I must admit there are certain gap between the Chinese and English educated students. I am trying not to focus too much on the difference and that has probably help. 

Was feeling kinda tired today...headache and ya...the laziness is creeping in. After all, holiday is coming.
Here are some of the snapshots taken:

Well, hopefully, all of you guys have a great Chinese New Year celebration!! 
The journey ahead might lead us to different roads but it's good to leave behind good memories...


January 27, 2011

Easier to run

Was just listening to some of Linkin Park songs from Meteora. 
The song "Easier to run" seems pretty good to me. 
Anyway, while listening to this song, I come across a super nice image from Naruto's character...Gaara. 

Gonna post this as my FB profile pic soon..that's all for now..

January 26, 2011

Why Blackberry is special?

I got the idea for this blog post when a friend of mine tag me on her note regarding Blackberry.
If you are looking for the right smartphone, you probably want to consider Blackberry. However, you might probably wonder what is so good about BB? Why is it considered one of the best smartphone? 
Well, if you want to know why Blackberry is special, you must first know what is "Push Technology". You probably wound want to google it so that you know about Push Technology before you continue reading. 
It is what gives your Blackberry the capability to be connected to every apps all the time. And to make things even better, you will be notified if there's anything new on your facebook, twitter, email and others (such as weather, news, movies etc.) 
It provides you with the information on the go...something that is very important if you travel a lot, and all the more if travelling is required in your work.
With Blackberry u are always connected to the net using BIS, and one more thing using BIS all your data connection will be compress so that you can save the kb of data u use, to make it fast and cheap....this is very important and though there are a lot of data plan that comes cheap these days, it is important to receive the data at a faster rate. Email is an instance and though you could do the same with other smartphones, Blackberry probably is the best option.
RIM's Push Email has help make emailing look like sms. Forget about syncing...it's done in a push. 
Of course, the browsing, GPS, and other functionality is probably quite similar with other smartphones. Although BB might not be good and specialize in the touch screen market yet, it has prove itself to be on par with other giants with the launch of the Blackberry Torch. 
I guess that's all...if all of these are important to you, then Blackberry is probably the smartphone that you should get for yourself...

a come back from Manchester United

Well, if you have been following this 2010/2011 English football, you will see a season full of surprises for Manchester United and yet the team has always come out strong. 
The match against Blackpool is one of those when the Red Devils were caught sleeping initially but a display of hardwork, intelligence and teamwork brought the team the 3 points needed.
At half time when United were down 2-0, it seems the unbeaten run of the Red Devils will come to an end but then, goals from both Berbatov and Hernandez award the Red Devils the 3 points needed, with an excellent work from Ryan Giggs as well.
Well, it was only at the 88th minute that we finally see a smile on Sir Alex Ferguson's face as that seal the 3 points needed by the Red Devils to get away from the rest of the crowd in the League. Well, hopefully, the unbeaten run for Manchester United will continue, that eventually will make them equal the unbeaten run of Arsenal's "Invincible".

January 25, 2011

hang out in library...

So what do you do when you don't have a place to hang out that you can be alone? Well, I decided the library will be the right place.
Today after lunch with a few of my friends, I went to the library with Wei Hoong. Then I bump into two of my first year friends, Hweh Fen and then Christine Mooi. 
Anyway, we took a photo in the library (more like I force her to take....haha!!)

a good friend of mine during my first year...
Well, after my 4 to 6pm class where I got my CoffeeBean Caramel Latte, I went to the library again...

 like like like!! haha!!

I did not spend the entire time studying in the library...read a bit of my friend's blog, check my mails, study a bit, chat a bit and trying to relax my brain..

Sometimes, I really think library is the best place in UM...silence, the comfortable chair and also the cool and comfortable environment. It is really a good place to be there and reflect on some of the shits, some of the laughter and joy, some of the important stuff in life....

I also go for a coffee break...(my favourite rest place) 

And I like my new hairstyle!! haha!! 

Well, i guess that's all for now...time to go 5th to watch movie with Tom and gang...as well as for my dinner...feeling real hungry now!!

Clean my room, tune the guitar...

Well, manage to finally clean up my room the other day with my brother. Was feeling quite tired as well. Probably due to the hot weather but then, I think my mom did more work than me by making some cookie for CNY. I don't know what you call that in Chinese. 
Anyway, my brother and I clean up and I have finally put the collection of my new Death Note into the cabinet...(the Death Note collection is a gift from YenLeng for Christmas). 

The collection is now in the cabinet, joining with a list of other cool stuff that I like. While I was cleaning my room, I noticed this poster that I bought for quite some time ago. I think it is important...that when we lose, we do not lose the lesson...it's probably easier to say it than to actually learn it.

 When you lose, do not lose the lesson!!

I also got my guitar tuned the other day. Initially, I was thinking of changing the guitar strings but according to the salesperson, it is actually good enough...I guess that's all for now...

January 23, 2011

Thinking before sleeping time

It's about time to sleep since I'll be waking up at 4.45 tmr...anyway was really tired even after the weekend. In fact I dun really hv the time to rest. Gosh!! I even miss the pool session with Addie. (sorry bro for that) well, was just wondering hw I should spend my time so that I'll hv more time to study n rest. Am really tryin to set some priority right. I was also wondering if I should get a new phone...haha couldn't stand it everytime I c my sis wf her new iPhone. Ish!! Lol...
Well I think my mind is more into my schedule bcz I seriously need to study for my external paper ald...
Anyway I am also blogging using the new app in the iPod that I just downloaded...blogbooster and honestly it's quite good. I could easily post photos and links as well.
Well time to sleep...good nite world!!!
Saw this in my bro's iPod...wish to hv kyoko fukuda accompany me sleep BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Testing blogging with ipod

Hi blogging in coffee bean using my bro's iPod touch
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January 22, 2011

Run in the morning

Well, I think it is important to go for run in the morning...exercise after all is suppose to help us to be more energetic...to be more healthy. Anyway, I hardly had the opportunity to go for run with my brother but we did eventually today. 

I go for a good 3km run and after that, I go for a normal walk with my brother and mom. We were out for about an hour, an amount of time that I think is good enough. It was also good to be up so early...the fresh air somehow give a refreshing start to the day although I must admit the lack of sleep is probably gonna make me feel lethargic later during the day but I'll probably be too busy for a break. 

I am also very happy to play with my sis' iPhone 4 for a while in the morning and yup, to get myself into Exam Probability for a while now. Am currently in Section 2 and hopefully could finished up Section 4 by this weekend. I guess that's all for now. Gonna start my day in a good mood!! A thumbs up!! :-)

January 21, 2011

Back to Ipoh...

While on the way back to Ipoh from KL Sentral, I intended to study the Further Mathematic Statistics but since there was a movie on the train, I decided to allow myself to be entertained by the movie. It is the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and Nicholas Cage was the main actor.
Well, not that I’m a big fan of Nicholas Cage but I do like some of his movies and this one will definitely be one of them….funny, humorous and a good entertainment for me while I sit on the train to go back to Ipoh.
Now that I’m back, I just wanna enjoy my weekend here!!

January 20, 2011

Take heart and be encouraged...it's Thaipusam after all...

Ever wonder what goes wrong in our planet Earth? Well, if you are the type of people who spend quite a great amount of time on newspaper or even following the news on the TV, you will probably be seeing a lot of BAD NEWS...and at times, one must wonder: "What is wrong?"

Well, it is no easy answer because when we look at the corruption and how some barely able to make ends' meet while some others could be driving a few big cars like Ferrari, Merz, BMW and you might start to wonder: Maybe life is gonna be comfortable for the corrupted, for the wicked, for those who plot evil? Well, in no way am I judging the rich because I have seen a lot of good rich people as well but look at the system and most people will say the rich become richer while the poor become poorer. Life is difficult and at times, it seems unbearable.

But as I take time for reflection, all the more because it's Thaipusam, I felt a higher being telling me to "take heart and be encouraged...for Good will surely triumph over Evil." Well, that's part of what Thaipusam means after all...and just as those who are devoted in the celebration..."the Kavadi bearers especially".

At times I wonder won't you feel any pain...and I guess the answer is obvious: "Faith keeps the pain away". After all, we all know the power of faith, whether it be blind faith or not, it can make a lot of difference...look at the suicide bombers, look at those who kill in the name of God during the Crusaders. Well, I'm sure faith can do a lot of good and evil as well, but just as faith has done a lot of damage in our society, it could bring a lot of good and this kind of faith that encourage those Kavadi bearers are one of those that bring good change. In fact, if you realize, this celebration is not just for any race or skin colour...even if you are a Chinese, you could participate in it. 

Let's take heart and learn from this sacred and beautiful festival: the devotion that helps one to endure the unendurable, to suffer the insufferable, to walk and to be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause (oops...this is from the Impossible Dream lyrics)...with the faith, knowing that it is not all foolish to do good, that though we may not see it, in the end, the Good will triumph over Evil...and in our small ways, we can help the victory begin in little ways. 

I am encouraged...and I want to be able to do just as the story of Moses teach me to.

Exodus 32: 7-14

7 And the LORD said unto Moses, Go, get thee down; for thy people, which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted [themselves]:

8 They have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them: they have made them a molten calf, and have worshipped it, and have sacrificed thereunto, and said, These [be] thy gods, O Israel, which have brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

9 And the LORD said unto Moses, I have seen this people, and, behold, it [is] a stiffnecked people:

10 Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may wax hot against them, and that I may consume them: and I will make of thee a great nation.

11 And Moses besought the LORD his God, and said, LORD, why doth thy wrath wax hot against thy people, which thou hast brought forth out of the land of Egypt with great power, and with a mighty hand?

12 Wherefore should the Egyptians speak, and say, For mischief did he bring them out, to slay them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth? Turn from thy fierce wrath, and repent of this evil against thy people.

13 Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, thy servants, to whom thou swarest by thine own self, and saidst unto them, I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven, and all this land that I have spoken of will I give unto your seed, and they shall inherit [it] for ever.

14 And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.

Yes, when God chose to make Moses a great nation instead of Israel, Moses defended the Israelites...he defended the wicked, the faithless and those who eventually cause him the Promise Land, but I believe the reason is simple: he understand the heart of God, that goes to the people...wicked or not. I know it is not gonna be easy and most of the time, we think of good triumph over evil as a payback to those we look as evil and bad, but maybe just as Gandhi fought independnce in peace, we should fight evil with good...with love and though it is easier said than done, I am encouraged...after all, it is Thaipusam, the celebration for the triumph of Good over Evil. 

January 17, 2011

The day begin at 4.45am...

Well, I woke up at 4.45am today and head back to KL for my classes. I couldn't really stand the whole day and ended up sleeping for the whole 2 hours for the Design and Experiment course. I tried studying just now for a while and managed to go through a few pages for the Design and Analysis of Experiments. 
Would love to study more but decided that I shouldn't push myself too hard since it's still quite early for the semester. 

There will be a one day holiday on Thursday but due to tutorial class on Friday, I could only go back on Friday after the class....a lot of my friends have been making plans for the holiday...sing K while some others suggest go other places but I think I might prefer to rest in the house and save more money.

Alright...I wanna go do some light exercise, shower and read some nice book before going to bed...tada!!

January 12, 2011

Some of the things that you could do to make things more interesting for the week

If you feel that life is kinda boring, probably it is time for a change...here are some of the suggestion that I think you could do to make things more lively for your week...

Ways to improve daily lives..


1)    Let the music rocks – play music with beats that are alive…this can help you to start your first work day of the week in an energetic fashion.
2)    Work out, head to gym or go for running…
3)    Instead of messaging, try to talk more by talking…this help to get rid of feeling of loneliness…a phone call would be good!!
4)    Read something that you like!!


1)    Go for stretching instead...if possible, do yoga…let yourself be more flexible!!
2)    Write about your life…this will help you to reflect on your life
3)    Eat some eggs for breakfast!!
4)    Get some nice fruit juice…
5)    Hang out with your baby!!


1)    Go for sprint…help you to reduce tension, anger and confusion!!
2)    If midweek leads to a fight with anyone, try to use the word “we” more often…try to understand…forgive and forget!!
3)    Playful flirting might be helpful!
4)    Eat some healthy food that you probably won’t eat on normal days..
5)    Read up some health magazines


1)    Milk chocolate will be good to keep it sweet and nice for you as you approach the weekend soon.
2)    Look for interesting programs to join…maintain the active lifestyle…running/jogging/workout
3)    Allow some time for meditation
4)    Work with others will keep you motivated so it’ll be good to surround yourselves with colleagues or coursemates.
5)    Take a nap! It will help to rest your brain!
6)    If you are feeling tired and exhausted from the work, you might want to consider some games…


1)    Do an extra workout! It will be good to end the week with strong motivation!!
2)    If it is possible, meet up your loved ones for lunch/dinner…if not possible, try calling her during your lunch break.
3)    Now is the time to consider salad!!
4)    Quit procrastinating…now that you have the weekend, do some of your work for preparation for Monday!!
5)    If you are going to go for a date, treat it as your first…it will help keep the relationship freshen up!!


1)    Wake up early on Saturday…if you are dozing late during the weekend, there is a higher chances of you feeling totally worn out on a Monday.
2)    Go for a walk…light exercise will be good…try to get the family involved…
3)    Walk your dog or go for a drive…release your stress while listening to soothing music in your car or enjoying the fresh environment while walking your dog.
4)    Consider taking up a sport on the evening…it will be good for social as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle


1)    You could probably enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning…with everything going at a slower pace, it will help you feel more relax
2)    Go to church..pray..this keeps you motivated and help your spiritual growth as well.
3)    Clean up the house…this will keep the family together!!
4)    Enjoy the Sunday night…do not rush and keep things simple and flexible.
5)    Before going to bed, think about some of the areas that you might be weak in…things that you should change

Well, these are some of the solutions that I’m suggesting…try to be creative about the things that you want to do each day…your workout, your dates, your meals, and even your work. Try not to stress yourself daily…set aside time for games and sports…all of these will help you to be more focus, while at the same time enjoying life…hopefully, this helps!!

January 11, 2011

Random stuff...

I was just looking at some random stuff while trying to relax myself a bit with some reading before going to bed. I read about the Motorola Xoom which is pretty amazing and I'm sure it'll be a good competitor to Ipad, and even the 2nd generation of the Apple tablet. 
Anyway, I was also reading my brother's blog on The Tourist and it really bring me back to the movie and I must said the sense of humour still make me laugh even now...a big thumbs up for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie as well. 

Besides that, I also took some time to listen to Justin Bieber's song Pray. A very inspirational song...

Well, I'm feeling rather tired today...but just wanted to share something that I read from the book "A Generous Orthodoxy"....that we should be indefatigable in our attempts to live and share the gospel, resilient after failure, persevering in adversity, persistent over centuries and across generation...rather than a grim endurance, we would have an unquenchable hope, confident that God will never fail to fulfill a promise and be passionate to join God in expressing saving love for our world until every promise comes true. And really, it is more important to ask question like what should I do...most people are so caught up with the questions of Heaven and Hell that people tend to forget Jesus comes and say "Love your neighbour". Instead of asking the question who is my neighbour, I think we should ask the question: How can I love my neighbour?

I think it is really a good time to go back to prayer and say "Love me so that I could love others...bless me so that I could be a blessing to others...teach me so that I can teach others...heal me so that I can heal..." 

Well, I'm not perfect...with so many flaws and so many steps to take so that I could love better...but I must learn to take the first step...

I think my prayer today is simple: "Can you tell me how I can make a change..." Goodnite world!!

January 09, 2011

Reflection on the first week of uni

Well, it is not too difficult to take time for reflection for the first week of university. There ain't any tutorial classes yet and most tutorial questions will only be given next week onwards. I took some time to reflect on the courses that I should be taking and also to plan the professional papers that I intend to take. I am not sure if I'm ready for the semester because a big part of me is still distracted. Well, I try to learn from 2010 to make 2011 better. 
Anyway, it is a painful process but I believe it is necessary to help me grow. 

I was thinking about going to work and I wonder if I could be like LiangHin, becoming a mentor and inspire many. While the likelihood of me joining Youth or church activities is rare, I would really hope to inspire young people, teenagers who need the support as I used to. Somehow, these reflection reminded me of the strength and youthful energy that LiangHin somehow showed me while I was still just a 14 years old lad.

It has been a long time since and I'm no longer young and no longer the naive and innocent youth. I'm 23 this year and there are many dreams and hopes that I have...hopefully I could run the race with energy and enthusiasm. 

Well, back to the courses that I'll be taking for this semester...I have made up my mind...I might opt to take 16 to 20 credit hours only instead so that I could focus on the external paper. Well, the semester starts now...a new season kick off!!

January 05, 2011

Looking for the right rug for new house usage...

Well, for those of you who do not know, my brother and sister just bought a new house...not the super big house but I'm definitely proud of them for their achievements. Hopefully, I could be as good as them if not better when I reach their age. 

Anyway since the house is still being planned for renovation, we talked about the possibility of buying a carpet for home usage. The two type of rugs that were suggested are the bamboo rugs and the jute rugs. Since we are planning on these two materials for the rugs, we look at some of the benefits of these materials. 

When my family consider the jute rug, we thought of a few benefits that it has....first of all, these materials are environmental friendly, something that we should consider since we want to be part of a community that change the world for better. It is also recycable and biodegradable. To make things even better, it is not only environmental friendly...it is also one of the strongest fiber which makes it hardwearing and long lasting as well. The design that it has will also resist fading and thus, the jute rug will look new even after a long time...something that we really love. 

As for the bamboo rug, it has its' own benefits. It is more suitable to be used for outdoor, which makes it less useful for us since the exterior of the house is not too big and thus, we don't think there is a need for it. However, since it gives the woody feel, we think that it might be suitable as well and the best part is this: the bamboo rug makes cleaning looks simple...Dirt can simply be removed by sweeping with a broom....something that my mom will love to have as cleaning using other materials could be quite troublesome...it also helps to give the room a unique feel although the choice of colours for bamboo rug could be quite limited. 

Well, after some consideration, we decided that it is probably better to consider the jute rug but it is still too early to finalize our choices...we might consider other alternatives if better ones are available.

January 02, 2011

Final year, last semester

Somehow, when the date draws closer for the starting of university, I felt a bit nervous for the first time. Probably, it was due to the fact that this is gonna be the last semester that I'll be returning to UM. A bit of excitement and a bit of sadness because I believe it's also about time to say goodbye to some of the new friends that I made in KL. Nevertheless, I believe that this is how the journey of life should be and I'll learn to embrace each part and phase of my life. 

Well, I guess because it's also a new year and also the year that I'll be working, it's better to be more matured in handling emotional issues. Haha!! Anyway first week in university probably won't be too busy...so maybe should just spend some time packing and cleaning up...

Yesterday I went to watch "The Tourist" with my brother, sister and YenLeng. Love the movie lots especially the way Johnny Depp portray the character Frank Topelo who is also actually AP. Basically, as usual, Depp managed to capture your attention throughout the movie and I must give credit to Angelina Jolie as well...love the way she acted in this movie. Brilliant!!

Today was in church and was singing some of the wonderful worship songs that I love. One of them is "How Great is Our God"...and I'm quite touched by the song because really, it's amazing to see how great is our God and the different images of Jesus that I have been seeing as I grow in this journey continue to inspire me as I grow older. Time to move on to the next chapter but for now, I'll need to pack my bag to go back to UM tomorrow!!

January 01, 2011

New Year 2011

It is New Year. 2011, a fresh start for many....and I'm sure there are a lot of us who went for countdown yesterday. To be honest, there isn't much significance in this but I believe it is important to have a fresh start...a hope for a better year, and this is the purpose of New Year. 

Well, Happy New Year folks!! Hopefully, this is gonna be a good year...now it's time to watch Pursuit of Happyness!!

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