March 31, 2011

Ways to fight stress

If you are going through a difficult moment, you can take heart knowing that there are ways to make you feel better. After all, it is important to make sure that you find joy and meaning in life.

1) Finding calm in the midst of a hectic period

First of all, it is important that we find ourselves at a state of calm and rational in the midst of a hectic period. Most people do not realize that when you are rushing for something, most of the time, you miss out on the important details.

Need for relaxation

There are times that I find it difficult to rest when I have the tests and exams coming up, assignments and other workloads. During this period of time, I realize that I lack of focus and at times, the stress and pressure could be unbearable. During this time, it is important to relax oneself. If I were at home, I would do mask and take a 15 to 30 minutes rest. I will try to find a good posture to sit and lie down as well as it helps me to cool and calm down. I also realized that doing some stretching for about 10 minutes and going for shower after that helps me to regain my focus and composure again. Breathing is also important, exhaling and inhaling with focus. Count 1 to yourself as you exhale and 2 in your next exhale.

2) Make use of your bad mood...

If you are in a bad mood due to bad service or the circumstances caused by others, voice out. However, it is important to do so in a constructive manner.
When you scold and voice your dissatisfaction, it is important to be clear, strategic, constructive and also moderate.
Make sure that the person understand why you are dissatisfied and you are complaining with valid reasons. You must strategize your complaints as in you must direct and channel your reasonings and complaints to the right people, people who can make decision and people who are interested in your dissatisfaction. Then, you must also be constructive in your choice of words. For example, instead of saying "You are always being so lazy", you could probably use words like "There are times that you are not putting in enough effort". If you are able to convince the people who are listening to you in a constructive manner, there is a chance that you will win the case easily. Last but not least, moderation is the key. Do not go overboard in expressing your anger but do not put on a "Don't mind" attitude either. I still remembered I scolded a salesgirl in Digi Centre at Jusco when I wanted to buy the Blackberry. I was showing to her that I was in fact dissatisfied with the service and that she needs to improve on her knowledge of her product but I believe I did not go overboard as I did not repetitively scolded on her. I was showing my anger and dissatisfaction but I did not go overboard and I guess moderation is the key here.

3) SMILE!! It helps!!

I know it is probably difficult to smile when you are facing a lot of pressure and stress but it really helps in a lot of ways. I remembered seeing the Smile Campaign in my university library.

A baby smile is all you need...

At first I felt it was quite ridiculous for such a campaign but I think it is important because sometimes, a little smile somehow help to lift your spirit for the day. Staying happy can have a powerful impact for your if you are feeling down, look for something that make you smile!!

4) Squeeze in Exercise in your busy schedule...

The other day, Weoi Loong called me to go for a 2.4km for his Sports Science assignment. Apparently, he wanted to take the heart rate after running. I went for the run and I was feeling much better after that. A better sleep and also a much more refreshing feel for myself. It has been quite some time since I went for running or jogging but it is something that helps to keep you alert, focus and also to fight the stress. Most of the time, exercise helps me to fight anxiety, stress and boost happiness.

Exercise is the best way to love yourself..

I guess I'll probably go back to the drawing board and replan my time-table as I wanted exercise to be part of the weekly schedule. (daily would be better but scientific research has positive results that 20 to 30 minutes of exercise weekly will be good enough for boosting your daily life if you lead an active lifestyle)

5) Feeling blues? Go SOCIAL!!

Well, if you are feeling stress and burn out, probably it is time to go SOCIAL! Most people feel lonely and tired when they are stress...and naturally, the negative thoughts come first but if you have friends with you, it helps you as you have someone to share your thoughts with and having your buddies listening to your stories gonna lift your mood in a significant way.
Most of the time, I would go for drinks with my friends, talk about some light issues, share some simple jokes and it really helps to boost my mood and turn up the mood for the next day work.

Friends in need are friends indeed!!

Of course, with the internet, social also means Facebook and Twitter as well. It helps in a lot of ways and I guess this is where social network comes in with positive impact. So, the next time you are feeling blue, try Facebook or if you prefer to conservative way, give your friend a message or a call and go hangout!! Go SOCIAL!!

March 26, 2011

Genting trip with university friends

I am not the kind of person who like to travel for fun. I prefer to sit in a comfortable environment, with close friends, loved ones or family members, listening to musics that I love...linkin park, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Guang Liang and many others.
So, when Soon Aik invited us to go Genting for a guys' outing, I was rather reluctant but since we will all be graduating soon, I decided to go.
The week was tiring with 3 super hard tests but I guess I managed to go through all of them in a positive manner. So, when I arrived at Genting, I felt good because the weather was very good...cooling and relaxing, felt like a free country (a term used by a friend of mine).
We had lunch in 1U before going to Genting...ate porridge with Clement and Choon Foong.
Then upon arriving, we rested in the hotel, head for the casino for a while. (kinda dislike the place because the smoke and lightings make my eyes and head to be very uncomfortable.
We had an awesome dinner inside the casino...25buckS like that..
After that it was resting time for me...I didn't do much but I need the rest in a comfortable place so I guess Soon Aik choosing Genting is a good option.
At night time, we went for Safari...nothing really but the decoration was nice although definitely not a place worth going for club...
I guess it would be great to come here for the weather once a while...perhaps the next time I go, I would do stuff that I prefer...
Had a caramel latte in Starbucks before going back...
Anyway couldn't post any photos using my iPhone since I'm blogging this while on the way back from Genting...gonna take a short nap in the bus now...adios!!
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March 22, 2011

Up early for class 2 days in a row

I'm not the kind of person who manage to do something consistently especially if it requires me to wake up I'm glad this is the 2nd days in a row that I'm awake at 6.15am...

I've been up early, update myself with some of the news from CNN and pulse from the phone....anyway three tests this week starting tomorrow so I guess I'll cut on my sleep even more...wanna do well this time around...

Anyway I'm reaching UM in 3 minutes time....

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March 20, 2011

Boring weekend

Was feeling tired today as I slept quite late yesterday...watched the Manchester united game and then studies...
Anyway was really bored today so I played with the ninja fruit in my iPhone...I got the full version already...
(no jailbreaking)

Well I guess my family are enjoying themselves in Jusco while I sit in KL eating oats for man...

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March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan

First of all, it was the earthquake...8.9 magnitud earthquake that struck Japan...
Then, the earthquake triggered a tsunami devastating enough to make things even worse for Japan...
Official sources now estimate that more that 10,000 people have been killed. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. There are now rolling power blackouts affecting 5 million people.

That's tragedy enough....but just when you think it wouldn't get worse, there was a third explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Three of the four reactors are now severely damaged. There is a 20km evacuation zone around the plant, and those living in a further 10 km band have been warned to stay inside. So, instead of focusing on the recovery alone, we are talking about a possible nuclear crisis. French authorities say it now just one notch below Chernobyl.

I really didn't know what else we could fact, there is very little that we could was really at this time that it reminded me so often, we are helpless in so many, let us do our part in prayer and if you don't mind, donate a little for can click on this link and you just need to follow the simple instruction there...WORLD VISION FOR JAPAN

We can never truly understand the pain, sorrow and suffering of those in Japan, those who were affected by this disaster, but let us pray that at least God will give them the strength to go through it.

Lord, we can never understand the suffering of the people in Japan,
But we ask that You strengthen the people who had to go through these tragedies,
Give us the courage to rebuild what has been destroyed,
The pain, sorrow, and suffering,
We ask for Your healing,
Help us recover what was lost,
and finding meaning in this quest,
May we never look back and be discouraged,
But we will move on, learning to care for one another better

Have compassion and mercy on us,
Forgive us for our innocence and arrogance,

Have mercy on Your people, the Japanese who had to endure such pain,
that through this tragedy,
we all learn the meaning of Love, Courage, Strength, Endurance, and Compassion.


March 12, 2011

Feeling tired

Was blogging this while on the car back to home after visit my grandma in hospital fatimah. Anyway I was feeling really tired and there are times when I just wanna off my phone, get my favorite book, head to Starbucks on my own and stay there for a few hours...I'm probably tired socially, mentally and also physically...
Every week I had to travel back and the 3 hours journey is starting to feel like a lot longer especially when I felt so exhausted after all the tests weekly...
It doesn't help with other works that I'm preoccupied with..
It also feel a lot more tiring when I go out these was as if I'm trying to make time for people around me and I don't get to relax on my own...
Having the iPhone helps in certain ways as there are things that I could do on the go like blogging, surf net and also memorize formulas for my exams and tests...
Anyway I'll probably rest in Ipoh on Monday as well...just wanna get some good rest before I head back to KL for another round of tests...

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March 08, 2011

BadAss Coffee

I've never been to this place but yesterday, Tom, Wei Hoong and I head to BadAss Coffee in Tropicana City Mall. 
Well, the name of the place was rather awesome...
We took some photos there before we even order our drinks. 

We waited for Aaron in the coffee shop, and here is my drink...this is one of the few places that actually offer Kona coffee, a type of coffee beans cultivated all the way from Hawaii...sounds cool right?

Bad Ass Coffee??
Well, it's actually quite pricey but then, the environment is nice...
I took photos with my buddies...and the three of us post the photos as our facebook profile photo for now...

Wei Hoong
and myself!!
Well, we decided to share and buy some's pretty yummy!!

it's about 3 times plus longer than the ATM card...
It was cut into 4 slices and each of us took one while we left the remaining one for Aaron. 

I also took the photos of the doughnut available and they are quite huge in size. Anyway, I'm glad to be out chilling a while...a good time to go relax and have a nice coffee after having to watch my favourite football team, Manchester United lost 3-1 to Liverpool....Aih...really sad when I think bout the defeat. 

Well, I guess that's all for now...if you are looking for a new coffee place besidees Starbucks, AustinChase, CoffeeBean or Old Town, this could just be it...BADASS Coffee...i guess the name stands out in comparison to the rest although I still feel that the coffee in Starbucks are better. 

March 05, 2011

[APPS] Disney's Tron

Well, if you know me long enough, then you will know that I'm not a gamer but with the iPhone 4 around, there is a tendency to play some games especially when you have free time or while you are waiting for others. Anyway, I wanna write a short review on the game, Tron. It is a free app on Apple Store and it is really very good.


The developer for the game is Disney and there is another version, TRON: LEGACY which costs about $0.99 but I do not know how is it in comparison to the free version because honestly, I think the free version is good enough.
Anyway, when you enter TRON, you will have two options in the game menu, where you can choose to either play TANKS or LIGHT CYCLES.

For the TANKS, it is the modern adaption of Modern Tanks. The game has a top-down view, where you can see your tank as well as the enemies surrounding you.

 You will have two virtual joystick for usage. The one on your left is to control your tank's movement while the controller on your right is to control the turret and firing. Each tank will be given two available weapons, a turret and grenade-type weapon that helps you to shoot over the walls.

if you are not sure how to play, there is a menu in the setting that teach you HOW TO PLAY!! A good guide for beginner.
Strewn around each level are power-ups which can help out your tank. Weapon upgrades can increase the firing speed or range of each weapon. The weapon upgrades may also allow turret shots to bounce off of walls. Temporary power-ups can increase weapon range or the speed of your tank. There are other special use weapon as well such as the laser beams and mines. While playing with this game, the excitement is there and I like it that the sound and music is also very interesting, suitable for the game. It gives the feeling that you are at war or something like that. The movement and control using the two joysticks is awesome and very responsive. It is not a tough game but quite an interesting one that is suitable to play while you need something to do to occupy your time.

Then, we also have the LIGHT CYCLES...


This is probably the better game in comparison to TANKS if you are trying to entertain yourself while relaxing or waiting for time to pass. For beginners, I'll suggest you to look for the GAME CONTROLS option first to learn about the ways to play. You have two choice, one is by flick and the other by tap, just as shown below. I personally feel that flick is the better option. Tap is good in a way but I'm not so used to it so I prefer flick instead. The choice is yours and every individual have different preference.

 Basically, if you have watched Tron: Legacy movie, you will know how the game works.


The graphic is nice, the music and sound suits the game well, helps to create a very competitive environment. So, if you ask me, this is really probably one of the best free games available on Apple Store. There is however some issue with the game at the moment. It could not access to the multiplayer section, where you can play with your friends. I think the issue is with the server of the developer of the game but I couldn't be sure...hopefully after the issue has been resolved, I could review on the game about how it feels to play together with your friends.

March 04, 2011

While waiting in train station

After coming back from KL, I need to wait in the cafe at the train I decided to blog using the BlogBooster app on my iPhone..

The place is quite okay although I have to say the food kinda sucky but the nescafe is just Nescafe!!

Anyway I have been playing with the iPhone 4 camera lately and it's really very good...well, i'm very tired actually but I know it's gonna be a long weekend...gosh...wish I have more time to sleep...

I've played around with the FaceTime once or twice but it really wasn't the main function of the iPhone 4 although it's good to use it to impress others...

Anyway enough with the iPhone 4...I had a funny encounter in the train just now and the girl sat next to me was talking about God and Jesus to me...was feeling rather annoyed though as I was actually trying to study my C++...however for polite sake, I talked to her for a while and though initially she only requested for 5 minutes, she used about 30 minutes...and at the end of the conversation, I realized she is also from UM and same year as me...luckily not the same course..

Alright enough of my lame story of the day...wanna go and play Digi game...

Some of the snapshots I took of the game while playing...

I still have about 20 minutes to play...haha...that's all for now... BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

March 03, 2011

iPad 2

There has been a lot of rumours about how the iPad 2 would look like but if you do not know, it has now been official. And to make it even more lively, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs had made a special appearance despite having taken a leave of absence due to ill health....

new design...thinner and lighter, yet faster...

It may seem that Apple has got it right again, with a thinner and lighter design of the second generation iPad. Apparently, it is even faster now...with the iPad using two powerful cores in one A5 chip. You will surely notice the difference when you are using it to browse web, watch movie, make FaceTime video call, gaming, and when you want to switch between apps. The smoothness and speed of the device will blow your mind away.

The camera is here...

Well, the front and rear camera is here. For those of you who like the idea of FaceTime, you have it here with you. Imagine using the the iPad for FaceTime...I'm sure it will be much cooler with the larger screen and faster processor. If you think that the camera is just for FaceTime, you are actually enables HD Video Recording. The camera is also good for snapshots whether it be day or night. The advance backside illumination sensor allows you to capture great shot even in low light.

HD Video recording...this is definitely gonna be something that capture your attention!!

Even with the new design, the battery lifespan is still as impressive as the first amazing 10-hour battery life. This is definitely good for mobility.

We also have the new accessory made especially for the iPad, known as the iPad Smart Cover...

Are you buying the idea as proclaimed by Apple?

Well, chances are most people will still buy into Apple's idea. But if you are still not convince that iPad is the tablet for you, you will need to check out the built in apps...apparently, according to Apple, the device that does it all does even more now. Here are some of the list:
  • FaceTime
  • PhotoBooth
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • iBooks
  • Videos, Photos
  • Find my iPad
  • iPod, iTunes, App Store
  • Maps
  • Youtube
  • Game Center
  • Notes, Calendar, Contacts
  • Apps specially for iPad by Apple such as making music with GarageBand, edit HD movies using iMovie, write novels and many more...
With all these features, it seems that the iPad is a must buy new tablet. Has Apple finally got it right? Well, if you are an Apple fan, it will be obvious that this is the tablet for you but if you are open to other OS, it is hard to say that iPad is way ahead in comparison to Xoom and also the upcoming Blackberry Playbook as well as other tablets. But then again, Apple has managed to stir and grab the attention, just as the iPad has.

March 02, 2011

Modern furniture for my future house...

Well, since my brother was planning on his house renovation, it made me wonder the kind of house that I wanna live in when I grow up...

I think it seems a bit weird but I'm not the kind of person who love big house and stuff like that. Rather, I prefer for the design and furnitures to be something that I love. Since I won't be able to buy a house on my own at the moment, I think about the furniture that I would want in my room when we shift to the new house. 
Many of these new designs were inspired from the use of more modern materials such as plywood, plastics and steel. My brother and I would probably opt for either white or black, depending on the products that we would be buying. We intend to get ourselves the Xbox's something that's too cool to be ignored. So, we probably want an Xbox theme, which would be black and green...something like that. 

I want modern furniture that would show some futuristic design and style...anyway, it all depends on the budget as well...

 we wouldn't want our room to be crowded if we are using Kinect..

We would prefer something simple...because Kinect only function well without any interception between the user and the device. It requires quite a big space. 

A coffee table with simple design would be good. I would love to get the Surface for the home but it's way too expensive...10,000USD....shitty stuff man!! 

Now, who wouldn't want this kind of futuristic stuff in their home...I might not be capable at the moment but I'll work towards that goal...

Well, what about this? Is it nice? although I felt that it's a bit too big...haha!!

Went for dinner with kawan-kawan...

Well, I went for makan dinner with my friends in the Gardens, with some of my housemates...

Here are the people who went for the makan session...

Kok Wei

SOCAI!! haha!!

Kwai Kiek

Initially, the plan was to go Fong Lye Tea House for dinner and then head to Machines to buy MacBook Pro since Kok Wei want to buy. Well, here are some of the snapshots I took while waiting for the food to be served..

look carefully at the is written "very good!" 
Check this!!

Trust me...initially when you eat it, it's really nice...

the entire set
Well, the food is not bad but you get sick of it pretty fast...and although I would give credit to the design and taste of the food, I felt that the portion is too big...maybe people who run food business should start consider giving more average portion of food to avoid wastage. While the environment is okay and you probably find that this is one of the busiest place in Gardens, the sitting place ain't that comfortable. 

We felt that the seats are a bit too short and low in comparison to the table so when you eat, you probably couldn't rest and sit comfortably on your seats...

Anyway, after that, we went to Machines to ask about the MacBook but to Kok Wei's disappointment, the education discount is only eligible for those who buy it via online. So, he will have to wait for about a week plus even after he order it online as the shipping might take some time.
For the rest of us, we played with the iPads available for display on the store.

playing game with the iPad...

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