June 27, 2011

Focusing on a healthier lifestyle...

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but most of us fail to do so. Probably it was because of our young age that we thought we could go mamak every night, and we thought it will be okay to sleep later for a few hours each night but the truth is that, all of that might just add up to serious illness when you grow older.
I've been one of those that are guilty of this.

Last two weeks, I made an effort to eat Salad after my meal on Friday and also to make an Apple Juice for myself every Saturday. 
I think it requires a lot of discipline to maintain a healthy eating habit. Although I find it difficult to reduce the intake of coffee, I'm trying to do so by drinking more water. I believe it is a long process but it could also be an enjoyable one as well.

  This is a bit luxurious with a lot of different fruits...when I'm working, I'll probably opt for apple, orange and maybe another fruit and that's it but I'm sure it'll still be great.

June 26, 2011

Grandma's bday

Yesterday my family went to the Delight Restaurant for dinner as it was a celebration for my grandmother's birthday.
It was the usual Chinese restaurants (not my type) and it started at about 7pm.
It was really a good time to just sit together and have dinner. We have two tables since one table is not big enough to fit us.

This is the menu although I don't know how to read at all...haha!!

The first meal...it tastes normal la...but I don't eat all of them...
Well, I was playing with the Instagram on my iPhone....didn't really do any effect on most of the dishes as it would be difficult to recognized what type of food after the effects...haha!!

Well, these are not one of my favourite meals but am glad to just be able to eat together with my family and see my grandmother in a healthy state. That night, my aunty from UK skype with my grandmother and some of my other family members. It is good to just say hi again although I won't say I miss any of my relatives that I hardly talk to too much but again, family is still family.
Guess it's just a good reminder for me to learn to appreciate little things from those close to me...family and friends alike...
that's it for now...

And this is the photo I took with YenLeng...

June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day

Today is Father's day and just decided to post something about it. 
I guess one thing that we must learn to accept is that everyone is a human, and human are with flaws...and that includes fathers. I believe this is the day that we should learn to accept our father for their weaknesses and their strength. 

Sometimes, growing up makes it harder to relate to parents. You tend to think of yourself as more capable but Father's day is a good reminder that this is the man that has given so much so that we can be who are today. And I just want to take this time to wish my father and the many fathers out there, Happy Father's Day!! 

I read this on the internet and hopefully, we will take the opportunity we have, to love those around us.
There's one sad truth in life I've found
While journeying east and west -
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.

Anyway, my family and I went to Johnny's in Jusco to celebrate Father's day. 
After makan, we went jalan-jalan before settling in Coffee Bean for our drink. 
I couldn't post photos into the blog....didn't know why but I'll just post it some other time...happy Father's day!!


June 18, 2011

Dinner in Cafe Takahashi

Yesterday I went to Cafe Takahashi with YenLeng. Well, we ordered one set, an ice-cream and a drink. The set comes with 2 side dishes. Here are some of the snapshots that I took.

This is the first side dish....I don't like this egg!!
I forgot to take photo of the second side dish and we already finished it.
I prefer the second side dish... 

The main dish...cutlet fish plus egg...haha!! like this!!

Haegan daaz ice-cream...chocolate cream chip...something like that...forgot the actual name...haha!! it looks ugly though!!
It was quite pricey also....by using the membership card, we have a 15% discount.

After the discount, plus with the service charge and tax, we makan for about RM43.++. Well, I wouldn't say the food is way too nice but it is acceptable. Probably I'm not a fan of Japanese food but I'm sure there are those who would love to go here...

Samsung Galaxy SII

The Samsung Galaxy SII is about to make its presence in Malaysia and Maxis will be the first telco carrier to reveal the plan with the phone.
If you are looking for an extremely good bargain, Maxis will be offering a RM799 for the first 300 customers. That is right...you will find yourself needing to lineup for this great bargain but this is the best offer so far.

Besides that, Maxis will also be offering an additional RM200 off for those that subsribe for the package between 22June to 22July 2011.

The bundled offer will be the Value Plus plan with Data bolt-on contract over 12, 18 and 24 months. Most people will probably prefer the 24 months contract where there will be either 1.5 or 3GB data. The phone will then be at the price of RM1399. If you are one of those who subscribe between 22June-22July 2011, you will be able to get yours at only RM1199.

June 17, 2011


Yesterday I went to Starbucks and had coffee with my mom and sisters. Since my sis has the American express card, we can buy 1 free 1. So, it's really very cheap and I like the time spent there chit chatting.
Well, anyway, I saw something very funny. There was a glass window in Starbucks and a kid ran towards it and hit it. Pong!! It was very loud and the kid did not cry out loud although I could see tears rolling down. The mother did not really look at the kid and I decided to take a snapshot of the kid while he was trying to calm himself. Poor lil boy!!

see the lil boy sitting there...poor thing!!
Anyway, I like the Cafe Latte and Caramel Latte we ordered...
Well, I guess here's a toast to everyone on Earth who is ever so eager...no more than eager is desperate, desperate for even the smallest sign that there exists something finer, better, larger and more miraculous, more significant about our inner self than we could ever supposed. Here's to all of us reaching out our hands to people everwhere, pulling one another from the iceberg that has caught us frozen for so long....here's a toast to the NEW NORMAL!!

June 16, 2011

Al-Qaeda is not over

We all heard it...we all know it. Some of it were also celebrating when the news about the death of Osama bin Laden was announced. I was one of those who are glad that the man who planned for a brutal attack on the United States in September 11. Even until today, that day was still a shock to me...and I believe it was so for many others, all the more for those who are staying in the States. 

But Al-Qaeda is far from finished. 
Terrorism expert Peter Bergen reports on CNN International that the Egyptian Saif al-Adel has been appointed as a "caretaker" leader of al-Qaeda, following the death of its emir Osama bin Laden.

Al-Adel's technical expertise saw him become one of al-Qaeda's top military commanders and a key figure in bin Laden's inner sanctum, a position which was reinforced after the death of another prominent Egyptian militant, Mohammed Atef, in 2001. What he did in the decade following the 9/11 attacks is unclear - some reports suggest he was unhappy with the movement's impetuous handling of the terrorist attack, which precipitated an American backlash that effectively derailed a number of key al-Qaeda operations that al-Adel had been slowly nurturing over the years. According to the German magazine Der Spiegel, al-Adel and a number of other prominent al-Qaeda members fled the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and ended up kept in shadowy circumstances under house arrest in Iran. But it seems by October last year al-Adel was back in the al-Qaeda fold, possibly moving among other militants in Pakistan's troubled North Waziristan tribal agency.

June 15, 2011

A one day trip to KL

It was a rather tiring day as I had to fetch my sister to Kuala Lumpur as she had an interview. Anyway, I kinda enjoy driving and although it was tiring, I sort of enjoy the time that I had there. 
We went to Amcorp Mall as the interview was held next to the mall. We went for McD lunch....actually, I was the only one eating. My sister was not in the mood to eat I guess. Anyway, we walked around and when we went to Popular, I found a book that I found pretty interesting but I'm not buying it yet. Will be finishing the 3 more books that I have with me now first.
Realizing that there was nothing much to see in the mall, I went to Starbucks to read my book while my sister went for her interview. I really do enjoy the silence and also the opportunity to continue reading the book.  
Player One: what is to become of us.

Well, I thought of uploading the photos but I'm too tired at the moment so I'll leave it for another time. 
While on the way back, it was raining heavily and it was the first time I'm driving under rain condition on the highway...I guess it's a good experience. And one more thing, before we went to KL in the morning, my sister and I realized that I have forgotten about servicing the car...luckily the car is still in tip top condition...will be taking it to service centre tomorrow...


June 14, 2011

mauvais quart d'heure...

The feeling of chagrin takes place...this is the time for mauvais quart d'heure...n no better word sum up better: a prey to grief for now...
When even devil cries...

June 12, 2011

Using Technorati

The other day I was just googling and wondering how "Technorati" works and I decided to try it. 
If you had no idea what is it, it is basically the search engine for blogs.


Alright, you can just ignore the number here as it is apparently the claim token for my blog. 
I am not very sure how Technorati works but I'll play with it soon. As for those of you who are interested to get your blog listed on Technorati (apparently this is where you find out who are the influential bloggers)


For those of you who are into blogging, it helps to attach the blog into your profile in the site and helps to promote your blog.

It is important to spend some time and effort on the tags and description of your blog because it helps to enable an easier search for your blog via Google Search and other search engines as well.

Now comes the hard part: WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO TO SIGN UP?

Honestly, I wish the steps could be simpler but I've been experimenting with it for a while so here are what you'll need to do to sign up if you are not sure or if you don't understand about the instructions.
  1. Go to Technorati website (techonorati.com) and sign up. No worries...it is absolutely free.
  2. After filling all your profile and add a nice photo of yourself, you will need to claim your blog.
  3. You do so by entering the url of the blog you want to claim. It is in the box at the bottom of the page where you list down your profile. It is under the heading "My Claimed BLogs"...click "Claim"!!
  4. After that you will be directed to a new page with the heading "Claim a new blog". Make sure that you spend some time on the details and think carefully. It helps to promote your blog easier in the future apparently. (I'm still experimenting with it so I'm not really sure how it works on the description and the tags.)
  5. Then, fill in the RSS feed as well. Click on ‘Subscribe’ next to the RSS logo at the top right-hand corner of your blog and your RSS Feed URL was in the browser. This is an important step as one must have an RSS Feed for your blog in order for this process to work.
  6. After that your blog will be for reviewed.
  7. Then, check your email and you will find this: ‘Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati.  Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the site [your site URL will be here] by looking for a unique code.  We have just assigned the claim token [your number will be here] to this claim. Please visit http://technorati.com/account/ for more details, including how to use the claim token.” (As mentioned earlier, the long number on top is my claim token)
  8. I decided to write this post with the token in it as well. 
  9. Once your post is updated and alive, go to visit http://technorati.com/account/ and click on the Check Claim button at the bottom of your account page.
  10. You will then be asked if you have already made a temporary post and once you have do so, confirm by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.
  11. You will then receive an email confirming that Technorati has successfully crawled your blog and found your Claim Token.  Now all you have to do is wait for the review. Some people will delete the temporary post but I decided to leave it here as a guideline to those are interested in using Technorati but couldn't really figure out the instructions.
Now that I'm done, I'm hoping that it will worth the effort. Will blog more about the experience in using Technorati. 

June 10, 2011

Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs iPad2

I was actually thinking about blogging on the features of these 2 devices. But then, I saw an advertisement by Samsung that shows the important feature lacking in an iPad2....and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has an impressive credentials with its Flash integration!!

I am having so much fun watching the ads...I'm going to continue the post for those who want to compare these two but I guess from the ads, we already have a clear winner...

Penang Trip

Penang Trip...I guess I'm gonna blog about this since I've just been there for 3 days. Anyway, it wasn't really a vacation kind of trip...more like going there to see some friends and spend some time in a different environment. 
Well, people said you need to look for the good food while you're in Penang and Ipoh (my hometown) but I'm not really the kind of people that are into food. (so not much about food from this post as well)

Alright, on Tuesday we started our journey at about 6am. We started early because my brother need to work on that day....Intel staff...what the heck! Haha!! Anyway, we had our breakfast in McD in Kulim...(Sorry peeps but I'm a McD fan so I don't mind eating it even in Penang) Then, we went to the St. George's church. It was an accidental visit...not in the plan at all...


Alright, enough of the heritage logo...now let's take a look at the interior...
I like the design of this church better than mine...haha!!

I think there is some recording stuff up there...probably use it to record a sermon..

I always wanted to try choir...never had the chance though even back then...

in memories of the heroes...although I had no idea what they did and who were they...

Apparently this is for baptism..."SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME"...I don't understand what it means...

Francis Light!!

And this is how it looks like from the outside...not very big but looks good...

We had our lunch somewhere near this place...I forgot the name but I managed to take snapshots of it...so here are some of the random photos that I took...

I totally like the view from here:

During the night time, we actually went to Kulim to look for my brother...and we went for "fried porridge"...it's about 25km from Kulim...quite a distance and I actually fall asleep after an hour plus journey....zzz....haha!!

This is really quite nice...:-)
During the night time, we decided to take a walk and look at those clubbing places....haha!! We also went for a light supper in the Red Garden...didn't take photos though but there were some girls with little clothings dancing while a lot of the old men enjoying the views...haha!! Anyway those girls are not hot...

The next day we didn't go out for breakfast...just had a light one in the hotel and then my sis, mom and I walked to First Avenue to jalan-jalan a while....kinda nice but the iStudy store (selling Apple products) don't seem to have iPad 2 for me to play...geez...after that, we went to the famous cendol along the Penang road...

tada!! kinda nice...the lady even teach me how to eat...haha!!

Now this look like those HK style's cafe...haha!!
Well, I also met up with Amay. She fetched me to the Gurney Plaza...we had our lunch in the Manila's Place and then went jalan a bit before heading to Dome's for minum...had a long chat also...
Managed to only capture one photo of her...haha!! Gonna post it here without her permission...

oops!! took this while she busy smsing...haha!!
That night we went to Penang Times Square for dinner and that was the mistake...the place is really empty...I can't really believe my eyes but since it was raining, we decided to just go for the food court.

Well, after makan, we went and buy some stuff for makan...in the only place that's alive in Penang Times Square...and it's called Sunshine...really lame!!

After a terrible night, I went out with Choon Foong and May Kee for a yum cha session...initially we wanna go to Overtime but since it is overloaded with people and a lot of hot chicks as well, we decided to go to next door instead, Coffee Island...not bad also but without the hot chicks...anyway, the purpose of the night was to meet up with these people. It's pretty good to be seeing them again and knowing that they are doing well...very well in fact...haha!!

May Kee

Take 1: Choon Foong, I and May Kee

Take 2: The same people again...
 Even after taking twice also got the straw...geez...didn't notice it...haha!!

The third day was nothing much...we took the ferry...and really, Penang sea smells sucks!! haha!! 

ALL THESE PHOTOS ARE TAKEN while in the ferry...was pretty bored in the ferry so play with the iPhone instead.

Well, we went for our lunch somewhere in Butterworth...

The food is just normal to me but then again, it could be because I am not really into food....

Well, I'm just glad to be there in Penang....am happy to meet up with buddies...and am also glad to be in a different place for a while...haha!! I guess that sums up this short trip to Penang...

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