August 31, 2011

Ozil believes Real on par with Barcelona

After an impressive start to the season with 6 goals scored in the first game, Ozil believes that Real are on par with Barcelona. Even though there was an ugly scenario in the Supercopa that question the sportsmanship of the current Real squad, Ozil believes that the team is on the same standard as Barcelona. 

The playmaker is also pleased with Madrid's start to the La Liga season, after the club thrashed Zaragoza 6-0 in their opening game.
"I am completely happy, it was a wonderful victory and also an important one. Starting the season well is something that gives us confidence," Ozil said.

Well, it is important to see how both the giants in Spanish will continue to square up against one another...

Sister going to Singapore to work

Well, just as I have started a new journey in Kuala Lumpur at Great Eastern, my sister is going to start a new journey in Singapore. She will be working in Mazars. Well, basically, my siblings and I are all working in different states, with my brother (Jason) in Kulim, my eldest sister (Chiew Yee) in Ipoh, myself in Kuala Lumpur, and my sister (Chiew Lian) in Singapore. [arrangement of the sequence based on geographical location, from North to South]
I guess there will be less meeting up and hang out but I believe this is something that we must learn to anticipate as we grow older...

August 30, 2011

Barcelona 5 - 0 Villarreal

If the last few days have seen a great improvement in England with both the Manchesters scoring with a bang and Real Madrid started the season with 6 goals to nil with a hatrick from Cristiano Ronaldo, today we have Barcelona....the champions for almost everything...started with a 5 goals of victory against Villarreal. 

Thiago scored the first goal at 25', Cesh Fabregas at 45', Alexis Sanchez at 47' and 2 goals by Lionel Messi. The demolition by Barcelona marks another domination by both the Catalans and Real Madrid. 

Manchester rules at the moment...

The Barclay's Premier League has started again and at the moment, Manchester seems to be ruling over the others. For once, both the Manchesters are doing very well with a 100% winning record. 

Manchester United slaughtered Arsene Wenger's boys with 8-2 while Manchester City is finally seeing the results from their big spending when they thrash Tottenham 5 goals against 1 in White Hart Lane. And not forgetting that just a week earlier, the Red Devils thrash Spurs with 3 goals to nil. 

Both Manchesters are ruling in the League at the moment and one must start to wonder will there be a new title rival to the Red Devils finally. It was after all the Arsenal, Chelsea and now finally, Manchester City maybe...just is probably too early to talk about title challenge but so far, the game speed and skill of both teams are way ahead of the rest. It suddenly remind me of the La Liga where both Barcelona and Real Madrid are way ahead of the rest. Nevertheless, the season has just started and I am happy that the Red Devils are top of the table at the moment, with better goal difference than Manchester City...

As for the La Liga, Real Madrid started off with a great victory....6 goals to nil with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a hatrick. It is great that football games are finally back and I could start looking forward for weekly games again. 

August 21, 2011

Question of Faith is the Beginning of Faith

Have you ever teach a child about anything before? If you have teach a kid at the she of 4 to 7 or 8 years old, these kids will probably ask you questions when they don't understand this to a teenager. The teenagers will probably not ask too many questions. And compare it to an adult....and you'll know...most of the time, the adults already have a prefixed answer to the questions that they wanna ask and if they're asking, it is probably just to show how good they are....
Well, the above statement is simply a generalization of people's characters based on my own bias perspective.
I remembered a friend of my friend who told me strongly about the beliefs that he has....his faith and nothing can ever shaken it. And while I do embrace that part of faith, I believe my mentor once taught me for one to make a giant leap of faith, one must question the the seek for truth, one must ask.
The question of faith is the beginning of faith...and maybe that is what is meant when the Bible told us to have faith like the little children. Have you ever sit down and ask, "What is faith? What is meant by salvation when surrounding us is hopelessness?

August 03, 2011


It was only lately that I start to realize that there are so much lacking for those around us...that at time I think of our own problems which really ain't a problem compare to those who are struggling to find a proper meal on their table.

Why are we so blinded by our so called dreams and ambitions?? If the Christians are right, then we are only here temporary before going Home (Heaven) and yet we are so caught up with our own goals here on Earth.
As much as I am condemning those around me in my post, I'm even more judgmental and critical at my own decisions and choices...I too am guilty of these injustices that I caused my brothers and sisters without even realizing it.

I indulge in wine, beer, high-end technologies and yet I complain about injustice...maybe we have not come to understand the full meaning of it...I too am guilty...

It might be too much to give up everything but if one is willing to give a little daily with the right conscious and knowledge of those whose sufferings are beyond our understanding, perhaps then only will the world change for the better.

The world does not need a hero...the world needs a community of heroes...and maybe it is important to ask the right question, "what can we give to our community? What can we give to those who do not have the privileges like ours? "

And with that in mind, I will go through my day...

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