"I am very busy, but I have time to Facebook..."

How many of you heard people mentioned about being very busy and yet having the time of their lives facebooking?

"I am very busy, but I have time to Facebook..."

That's the language we are speaking these days.

I was seriously surprise that people can be so proud when telling about others the amount of time spent Facebooking....and some are even proud to show the number of friends they have on Facebook. That is Social Network!!

I am from the same generation and yet I see that something is so wrong....the SOCIAL NETWORKING addicts are missing all the rest of the world merely for Facebook. I admit that having Facebook has its' benefits but let us not limit social into Facebook.

Maybe it is time to get yourself out of your PC, or notebook or iPad, and just start living. We only have one life and let us not regret it!!

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