Great Eastern 21 Days app

Well, I don't usually talk about the company that I work for but since I have downloaded the Great Eastern's 21 Days app, I decided to share it here. 

Honestly, I think it is pretty cool for the company to think of enhancing the brand through the Gen-Y!!

Alright, the 21 Days app is a free app that is set to be a reminder to your goals and your targets. It is especially suitable for those of you who have made certain commitments for your New Year resolution. 
Well, like most apps these days, you can link with your Facebook and Twitter.

This is the starting, promoting Great Eastern...lOL!

The setup is pretty easy...very user friendly!! a big THUMBS UP here!!

Basically, this is how the app works. You can set certain commitments that you want to make and set the promise that you make to certain people, for example, to your parents, loved ones or friends. I find it funny though that they decided to use the term "My Intentions" for all the commitments and goals. Wouldn't the word Goals or Targets be easier or more suitable? Anyway, you can shared those "Intentions" on Facebook and Twitter. There will be a setting for reminder that you can set. Some of the "My Intentions" available are like going to gym weekly, quit smoking and many others. 

A little about the company...the word "intentions" is being used repetitively...these people definitely love that word and believe it is powerful...(I doubt that though)

Here, you can contact the company, whether in Singapore or Malaysia...

Some of the example of the intentions that are available..."Make time for my family", I think that is an important one...

Overall, the app is user friendly and it's pretty cool initially. But after a while, I got bored of's just another reminder app and there are many other reminder apps much better than this one...but a good start though...worth trying for those who are trying to keep to their New Year Resolution.

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