If someone criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo, he has a problem with me.

"If someone criticizes Cristiano Ronaldo, he has a problem with me." such is the strong statement made by Jose Mourinho in defending those who criticize Ronaldo for not shining in the important games.

And Mourinho is quick to point to the statistic to show how much Ronaldo has contributed in terms of his goal scoring record. The coach is also a master in terms of psychology and knows well not to put pressure onto Ronaldo in scoring goals.

"But do you know which game of his I've liked best?" he continued. "The second half he gave us against Mallorca. He worked like an animal. He won the ball back for us and ended up exhausted. I told him that it was the game of his I was most proud of.

"I told him that when he works like that there's nobody who can touch him. When he works like that he doesn't have to score all the time and be the man of the match. That was his best game for me."

Well, another Clasico is coming soon and it will be entertaining to watch how Ronaldo respond to these criticism...

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